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User Info: Mommy2HMC

6 years ago#1
i'm doing a request for ...can't remember her name...the elf...her name used to be tabitha in frontier. Anyway..She wants insect jaws. From what island and what insect do these drop? I thought I remember getting one from an ant but I've killed dozens to no avail. Please help.

User Info: slickpnoy3

6 years ago#2
I found mine from beetles...I remember where the Hercules Beetle is (Fire Temple) and I know there's a lower level one somewhere but I don't remember where exactly...I got it pretty early :/ Probably the Earth Temple...
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User Info: Kiariy

6 years ago#3
She's not Tabitha... her personalities are very different.

Ants drop Insect Jaws, keep killing those (they appear in the first few island of the game, including the Earth Temple IIRC)

User Info: Griffonsrcuul

6 years ago#4
When you do Sierra's ghost light request (her first one, I think) you lift up a tiny island then board from ymir. There are weak beetle monsters you can kill there that drop them.

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