Small Crystals were to get them?

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User Info: gdi2nod25

6 years ago#1
Ive beat 3 shrines and on the 4th level of the 4th shrine only ever seen one small crystal that was Elena's request for a payment were do you find them or best way to get them?

User Info: Shionite

6 years ago#2
The White Demons in the fourth dungeon drop them.

User Info: gdi2nod25

6 years ago#3
Ive been fighting White Demons for the past 2 hours and still have yet to see a small crystal and my dragon has left and just have the egg so can not increase my drop rate.

User Info: Gel5

6 years ago#4
I got one from them early today when just randomly killing them, it's just bad luck.
D/P = Kioja - 2407-5626-9206

User Info: kyket

6 years ago#5
Green and Golden Dragons drop it. Also the arch demons at Wind Temple has a change to drop it.

And if you tame the black golem from the Wind Temple 4-6 floors, it has the small crystal as fourth ore type. So be friend that golem and he should start "planting" the crystals to your ore Island.

But best way is to kill the Dragons and Demons with the item drop buff from the shrine.

User Info: Bufkus

6 years ago#6
The wind shrine golem produces light crystals not small crystals. You'll want the faust (red grim reaper) for small crystals

User Info: kyket

6 years ago#7
Right you were, this is what you get when you don't open up ur save for like 5 months :P

My bad that one, but rest I got right thou heh

User Info: SilentComposer7

6 years ago#8
At the top middle of B4, there is an island with lvl 60 monsters. Keep teleporting back to the entrance of the island until you see the special glowing monster portal. It will spawn a lvl 70 Wyvern, which drops a small crystal about 60% of the time. A good place if you're strong enough.

User Info: bladexdsl

6 years ago#9
just pound the green dragons in the wind temple till they drop one.

User Info: Gamemaster1061

6 years ago#10

Isn't there a chest that can give away a small crystal?

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