Earth Shrine Boss

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User Info: shadowoftheark

5 years ago#1
Did anyone else have a lot of trouble with this boss? I still haven't beaten it yet... I can only get a few hits in before I have to keep my distance so I don't get caught in his stupid spinning attack.
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User Info: HitTheGroundWal

5 years ago#2
Two words:

Fire. Rod.

It's supposed to be HitTheGroundWalking.

User Info: raineaka

5 years ago#3
i beat him with the sparklers
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User Info: Starforce7491

5 years ago#4
I just kept using Air Specials with the Katana. But I have some advice: when he does the spin thing or when he "swims" in the dirt, make him travel onto one of the rocks. while he's spinning, he'll become unbalanced... while "swimming," he will hurt his head and become stunned. note that when you get him below 50%, it will be harder to do. the best time to attack, in my opinion, is when he throws those little bomb dudes. Just be sure to run when he throws the third one, since he usually does the spin after
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