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User Info: cycledance

6 years ago#1
how do u play classic mode?

i try to make matches that give me special gems and i match at the lowest whenever possible.
farthest i got was lvl 8...thrice.

i have no troubles with the other modes...

User Info: cycledance

6 years ago#2
woo..finally got to level 10...all elite badges are mine! ^_^

User Info: Raptor_2099

6 years ago#3
Oh the randomness of bejeweled classic mode. Got to level 3 on my first try, then got to level 12 on my second try, now I can't get past level 10 !

User Info: MadsBear

6 years ago#4
How many moves does one have and does hints costs moves?

User Info: Veliconis

6 years ago#5
There aren't a set number of moves and I don't think hints cost moves.

It's all entirely random.
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User Info: The_Boredom

6 years ago#6
I remember the first round I played.. I reached 32k before I ran out of moves.
In the second round I reached over 1 million.

It's frustratingly random at times, especially during Lightning and Ice Storm. And I don't think Hint has any penalty in this game. At least I have yet to notice one.

User Info: Missile129

6 years ago#7
Always make sure your move allows another move to be made. This is less important in the early levels of the game where you can rely on luck. In later levels, the game is much less forgiving.

A power gem generates 0 points if it leads to no more moves. Don't centre your entire game plan around matching super gems if there is not another move to make after it. Again, in the earlier levels of the game this doesn't matter as much. A match of 3 may make the level bar progress slowly, but at least you're still in the game! That doesn't mean you shouldn't work towards power gems though...

EVERY single move you make should have an aim that is more than just to score some points. Perhaps it allows you to set up a chain, perhaps it initiates the chain, perhaps it creates a power gem opportunity, perhaps it makes a power gem, perhaps it's the only move left after you've excluded all 'wet' moves (I call a wet move something you don't want to make because it alters the board too much - in other words a move that has a significant lack of control. Any move that will trigger a chain that ultimately resets part or all of your board is a wet move (hence I dislike Hyper Cubes unless I need my board to be reset because it's so bad) :p). If you're going to make a swap just because you can, stop and look elsewhere first.

Once you've made the power gems... don't sit around staring at them. Too many players believe they should save their power gems for desperate times. Hyper Cubes can be saved, but other gems STILL need you to actually match them with something.

I dispute the notion that you should make your swaps at the bottom of the board. The bottom of the board is unaffected by anything you do at the top. Consequently, you can ALWAYS be sure you have another move to make. When trying to set up chains, you should work from the bottom as you can see how the gems will fall rather than relying on a lucky drop. Conclusion: Work all over the board!

Just because a power gem is harder doesn't make it more preferable than an easier one. Obviously it is highly situational, but to be honest I prefer Star Gems (T or L matches of 5) to a Hyper Cube because they are too 'wet'.

The earlier levels are where the easiest matches are made, and the luck of the draw with the falling gems is significantly better. Detonating chains in the early levels will make longer chains because of those lucky falling gems.

Now I'm not including this bit to brag, but rather to prove I'm not just spouting random garbage :p Aside from when I'm relying on lucky cascades early game, I exceed level 10 on 95% of my classic games :) I'm certainly no godly player and can only dream of some of the insane scores you see on Youtube (lol my best Blitz score is 215k D: ) but I hope these strategies improve your game :D
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