This game is confusing

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User Info: lilrican21

4 years ago#1
There is no marker to tell u where to go to contuine the story and the controls are confusing as well. Has anyone made a guide yet for this?

User Info: EverDownward

4 years ago#2
Way of the Samurai 4 isn't nearly as confusing as the original two were. Anyways, you can find a guide under the FAQs button on the bar up top.
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User Info: Roh_Sparr

4 years ago#3
you can see what you could do in the event section (bottom of the screen). this however depends on the latest event you've seen. usually, after doing an event, you'll be told of the next event for that faction. (characters will tell you to stop by later, ...)
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User Info: Radman55

4 years ago#4
they dont have a tutorial like in wots1? that helped me learn that game in a snap
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User Info: Rowde

4 years ago#5
I can't decide whether this is a troll topic or not.
Regardless... I still want to punch something really hard.

However, I will simply point out there is a FAQ in the FAQ section which details out every event and how to get them...
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  3. This game is confusing

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