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A question about the ending's consistency. 3-4 year old spoilers beware.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Remember that crime rate also affects weapon parts.Ultimate_Nova_X28/18/2015
I don't suppose there's -any- way to get rid of the doppelgangers?Kiyomasa28/18/2015
Is the move "Darkside" affected by Big Shot?Ultimate_Nova_X28/18/2015
Talk to me. Where are the good Invaders? Need Help? I'm a Live Guide & BoredkittyrinaRex38/18/2015
Turn the PC version from English to Japanese.Ultimate_Nova_X18/17/2015
Yobai save glitch?Ultimate_Nova_X58/16/2015
I loved 1 and liked 2, but 4 is horrible
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Wait, Sensei is searching for her brother...Ultimate_Nova_X18/16/2015
It took me a while to realize, but *minor spoilers for Amihama 8 sidequest*Ultimate_Nova_X18/15/2015
Finally learned every move barring the weapon exclusive ones.Ultimate_Nova_X18/11/2015
Can't find cape?K_Fang38/6/2015
To my experience, there's no harm done in retrying.Ultimate_Nova_X38/5/2015
Way of the Samurai 4 Clothing and Historical questionDungeon-Keeper48/4/2015
How do I parry in this game?Ultimate_Nova_X28/3/2015
After their respective missions, can I still find Sayo and DonaDona?Ultimate_Nova_X28/2/2015
Best big shot moves?viserdes48/1/2015
Are all the moves affected by Big Shot identifiable by their icon?Ultimate_Nova_X38/1/2015
Day 7Ultimate_Nova_X37/31/2015
Is this normal? I went inside the black ship and saw a body double of myself...Ultimate_Nova_X47/31/2015
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