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User Info: QueenRydia

6 years ago#1
Lets face it, as you were aimlessly wandering around some of this games expansive levels you have seen some apparently accessible ledges or goodies. But no matter what you did you could not figure out any way up there so you were forced to move on and forget about it.
So I'm creating this guide to help teach everyone various techniques you can use to help you reach seemingly inaccessible areas and hopefully save you some time from having to try and figure it out yourself. I will start with the basics and go from there.


-Standard Jump
Execute: Push the jump button (duh) to perform a jump off the ground.
Uses: To get off the ground.
Notes: Can only be used while on the ground.

-Aerial Jump
Execute: Push the jump button while in the air.
Uses: Allows you to gain more vertical/horizontal distance then a standard jump.
Notes: Can only be used once until you touch ground again. If you have released pale mist while you are in the air you can not perform the aerial jump.

-Triangle Jump
Execute: While against a wall hold the analog stick towards the wall and push the jump button.
Uses: Allows you to climb up parallel walls.
Notes: You can triangle jump on a solo wall to gain some extra height before performing an aerial jump.

-Emergency Evasion
Execute: Push the jump button after an enemy hits you.
Uses: Great for recovering from knock-back during fights and can help you gain more height if used wisely.
Note: You will momentarily be invincible after performing this jump. If you perform an action while invincible you will lose it.

-Jump Dash
Execute: Hold down/forward and push the jump button.
Uses: Lets you quickly travel horizontal distances.
Notes: You can jump dash in mid-air with your aerial jump too.

-Back Step
Execute: Hold down/back and push the jump button.
Uses: Useful when combined with a recovery jump during fights.
Notes: I find this jump hard to use without my guy deciding to turn around and do a jump dash instead.


-Smack Down
Execute: Push the jump button while near a knocked back enemy.
Uses: Helps you gain vertical distance.
Notes: This technique can be combined with many others to gain some extra height.

-Teleport Dagger
Execute: While holding the special button push the dagger button to throw a dagger at a nearby target.
Uses: Needed to teleport to high up enemies to gain more height.
Notes: You will need to use this dagger for the more advanced techniques.

-Slowed Descent
Execute: Continuously throw any kind of dagger while in the air.
Uses: Allows you to fall much more slowly making it to easier to perform other actions.
Notes: This technique is most notably helpful when combined with emergency evasion to get to out of reach areas.

User Info: QueenRydia

6 years ago#2
ADVANCED TECHNIQUES (the main point of this guide)

-Double Smack Down
Execute: Get an enemy near a wall then while facing the wall knock the enemy upwards by pushing attack while holding up. Then jump and perform a smack down. The enemy should bounce off the ground and back up then proceed to use a standard attack which will knock the enemy back against the wall and towards you. As it comes back towards you perform another smack down.
Uses: Use on low HP enemies to gain good vertical distance.
Notes: Can only use near a wall. Only use this skill on enemies that can't survive the more damaging techniques. A triple smack down is not possible as the enemy can not bounce high enough up.

-Rising Rowanveld
Execute: While standing next to an enemy knock it upwards then hit the special button using the pale mist just created to knock the enemy farther up. Proceed to use a teleport dagger on the enemy and follow with a smack down to gain good vertical height.
Uses: Fairly useless if you learn the next technique.
Notes: Make sure you can do this technique first before trying the next one.

-Rising Rowanveld 2.0
Execute: While standing next to an enemy release a ring of pale mist. Then quickly knock the enemy upwards and hit the special button. The series of attacks should knock the enemy really high. Follow up with a teleport dagger and a smack down to gain great heights.
Uses: Gain great vertical distance. This is the easiest and most effective way i found to get to high places. Generally you will only be able to use it on the *sandbag* enemies though.
Notes: Learning this technique will make life a lot easier. Can be used next to or away from a wall.

-Rising Sun
Execute: First perform the Rising Rowanveld 2.0 technique but after you teleport to the enemy attack with instead of using a smack down. This should knock the enemy diagonally upwards and away from you. Now proceed to use another teleport dagger on it. Repeat as necessary and finish it off with a smack down when you can reach your destination.
Uses: Gain great vertical and horizontal distance. Needed to reach some of the more difficult ledges and items in the game.
Notes: Can not be used near walls (maybe). Theoretically if you are skilled enough you could gain infinite vertical and horizontal distance doing this although it is very difficult to perform. (side note: It may be possible to bank the enemy off a wall and continue using the move going back in the other direction)

That is all the techniques i have found to be useful for getting places I hope it helps you guys out. (yes i made up some of the names)
Also if you guys got any good tricks that i have not mentioned feel free to post them.
And if you guys need help reaching any specific areas in the game feel free to ask and i will help out if i can. Although i have not explored every area in the game yet (specifically most of level 5). If i have not been there yet i will go and try to figure it out for the both of us.

User Info: QueenRydia

6 years ago#3
Forgot one...

-Rowanveld Dash
Execute: Perform a jump dash or two and then quickly push down down special to use the rowanveld magic. This will cause you to rapidly glide in the direction you jump dashed.
Uses: Travel great horizontal distances.
Notes: Makes level 5 a piece of cake.
Level 5 is cake :D At least, it's pretty straightforward and not confusing as hell as levels 3 and 4 >_>

Just finished snatching every item in 5, so I never have to search around for crap there again. Not to mention I pretty much know where it's all at now :P

Impossible without the dash too. There's also a few spots where you need to knock the immortal onion up onto the platform above so you can knock it into the air from there to rebound to the platform above >_<

There was another part there where there was one of those crystals you use teleport daggers to help you get places. You have to target the thing, run to the left or right quite a ways, throw a teleporting dagger, and jump midway so you can jump off the wall and do the Rowanveld Dash to reach the platorm above o_0. Just a heads up if you haven't found that part yet and go... "WTF? How am I supposed get up there with just that?". That was my reaction at first anyway.

Gotta be careful not to spam that dash btw. You'll Magic Leak if you get trigger happy with the buttons XD

Oh, and damn mini onion and little annoying dot enemy. I killed them, but they were a pain to hit, tiny bastards.
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User Info: QueenRydia

6 years ago#5
Small correction to the Rising Sun technique. After you use the Rowenveld 2.0, when you attack the enemy hit the special button immediately after to have a rowenveld from the mist you just made knock the enemy farther up and to the side then proceed with a teleport dagger.

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