Help, need a strategy for mission 23.

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  3. Help, need a strategy for mission 23.

User Info: uchihaschamp

5 years ago#1
Aizen kills me with one grab. good thing i have a life stock. plus he cant be stunned.

Would Nnoitra help?
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User Info: Imbackhahahaha

5 years ago#2
Starrk. Spam wolves on Aizen since he cant be knocked back, he will take all the damage
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User Info: Pislnun

5 years ago#3
What's your highest leveled character?

The trick is, at least for me, to never ever get anywhere near Aizen and just fire projectiles at him until he is stunned and finish him off there and then. He's an absolute pain in the tush when he's alive.

From the flying, homing rockets to the black boxes to that infuriating life-draining grab. It's crazy. Also, when he's not stunned, he teleports away from every meele you do when his health is less than half.

So... just fire away with projectiles.
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User Info: sushimonster77

5 years ago#4

use barragans respira age combo i never had to deal wit wat u guys had 2

User Info: chaosdemon05

5 years ago#5
At the time I played mission 23 my Rukia was level 107.. Safe to say.. I owned aizen in seconds..

So its simple.. Just level up ^^ If ya do aizen goes down easily.

He died so fast I litterly busted out laughing as he died with his yell out and ground shaking lol.. I thought he was about to attack but nope he died.. I'm like ... ok Final GT ichi your next.. lol

User Info: KiraYamatoSF

5 years ago#6
I used Skullclad Ichigo on Normal while I was like lvl 60 or something. Anyway I just focused on Aizen first while using projectiles while keeping a distance and if he tried to pull me in I just jumped into the air and tried Dashing in the opposite direction which saved me by 4 seconds at the most. Then when he reached a little above half health I used Ignition mode to increase my strength and to spam the three skulls in ignition. Once he was really low I lined him and Ichigo in a line then fired the Hell Getsuga Tensho then just focused on Ichigo til he fell and avoided him when he was in Ignition Mode.
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  3. Help, need a strategy for mission 23.

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