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Too Short

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User Info: Dragonfable101

5 years ago#1
The gameplay is fun, but seriously, 2.5h to beat the story and another 2-3h to beat all the missions? Felt way rushed..

Now there's not even anything to do to level up characters other than replay it all..

Well, I guess there's still getting S on all missions and Hard Mode, but it feels pretty short for a Bleach Game..

They literally went through 5 Years of Anime in about 4 Hours of Gameplay ._.

Just my 2 Cents
man,this is insane!!!!...lets do it!

User Info: ichigohollowX

5 years ago#2
they did a terrible job with this game. heck even soul carnival 2 was alot better. had more story, better customization and cool support characters to help with missions. this game was just a cheap cash-in just bc it had the title "bleach" on it. i hope they scratch this series and make a sc3 or a bhts 8.
The one of overcomes the darkness. . The one who now sees things from a different perspective. the one who sees the world for what it really is.

User Info: artorius6

5 years ago#3
Another Soul Carnival would be awesome! And even more so if it was on a console without forcing me to get a Vita!

Plus Soul Carnival had a nice blend of each characters' forms instead of just seeing the majority in their released form all the time.

User Info: kweeni

5 years ago#4
2.5h for the story and 2-3h for all the missions? Really?

Idk what difficulty you played on but I started on hard and it took me a lot longer than that. >_>
But I'm also the type of person who always takes his time and explores every corner(not that there is a lot to explore in this game but w/e).

But yeah I agree, there is a lot of room for improvement. And the way the story was told was just wtf. If they'll ever decide to do a sequel I hope they won't rush it as much.
Though personally I'd rather have a Bleach fighting game on the ps3. If not then at least bring the HTS games to the west. :S
I don't understand why they just refuse to do that. Hopefully this game sold well and they'll bring over some of those psp games.
Soul Carnival looks like a lot of fun too.

User Info: artorius6

5 years ago#5
Soul Carnival IMO was a very satisfying beat 'em up series! Nice rooster in the second game, with secret missions and extra missions inspired by some of the filler (Kon's superhero form and that weird green thing that Byakuya is so interested in). Good amount of gameplay and character customization. Plus the rooster was boosted by a good number of support characters as well.

There's something strangely satisfying about a deformed little chibi character raising hell on the screen!

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