List of Post Game "to do's"

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User Info: fyuber

6 years ago#31
To get into the spirit world, after beating each computer simulation, you have to talk to the respective people (Bruno, Jeager and Bad Parts Shopkeeper) to unlock the door.
Also, I have a problem where I can't talk to the ghost or duel bot. When I click them I just run non-stop into them.

User Info: _Raff_

6 years ago#32
Thanks for this.

User Info: PlasmaShooter

6 years ago#33

As for the girl who was looking for a boyfriend, after showing her 3 (or 4, cant remember) different guys, she gives you the prize anyway.

Oh, and Fyuber, when that happens, just press A to talk to them.

User Info: annih1lator

6 years ago#34
The fourth person to give the coffee coupon to is the one requesting you to show her marriage candidates.
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User Info: Cranium_X

6 years ago#35
Thanks a lot for this list, this is exactly what I came here looking for today. :)

User Info: chickenlard

6 years ago#36
Now this is what I am talking about.

User Info: michelos

6 years ago#37
how do i do the aki quest
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User Info: natchu96

6 years ago#38
Who do I give the coffee coupons to?

EDIT: Never mind, I found them all. Guy at Daimon, Lazar's assistant-person-or-whatever at stadium, Seria from stadium (wasn't she in the last game?), and Mina. It worked for me.

User Info: natchu96

6 years ago#39
Bump for an important thread.

User Info: natchu96

6 years ago#40
Has anyone figured out how to initiate Mina and/or Akiza's side quests yet?

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