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User Info: JesterOfArkham

6 years ago#1

my loki deck.

monsters 23.

x1 Caius the Shadow Monarch

x1 ChaosSorcerer

x1 CyberDragon

x1 Dandylion

x1 DarkArmedDragon

x2 Dverg of the Nordic Alfar

x1 GorztheEmissaryofDarkness

x1 LevelEater

x1 LjosalfoftheNordicAlfar

x3 MysticTomato

x1 PlaguespreaderZombie

x2 Ryko,LightswornHunter

x1 SpiritReaper

x1 Spore

x2 SvartalfoftheNordicAlfar

x1 TheTricky

x1 TyroftheNordicChampions

spell 7.

x1 BurialfromaDifferentDimension

x1 DarkHole

x1 MonsterReborn

x2 MysticalSpaceTyphoon

x1 PotofAvarice

x1 SwordsofRevealingLight

traps 10.

x2 BottomlessTrapHole

x3 Gleipnir,theFettersofFenrir

x1 MalevolentCatastrophe

x1 MirrorForce

x1 NordicRelicLaevateinn

x1 SolemnJudgment

x1 StarlightRoad

extra deck.

x1 ChimeratechFortressDragon

x1 AllyofJusticeCatastor

x1 ArcaniteMagician

x1 ArmoryArm

x1 BlackRoseDragon

x1 Brionac,DragonoftheIceBarrier

x1 ColossalFighter

x1 FlamvellUruquizas

x1 FormulaSynchron

x2 Loki,LordoftheAesir

x1 MagicalAndroid

x1 MistWurm

x1 StardustDragon

x1 Trishula,DragonoftheIceBarrier

credits to flamedragon. xxtriadsxxqy. & InfinitySlayer for ideas. but not nauske. no one likes you (< joke)

any thing i could change?

User Info: I234P3I2

6 years ago#2
its not to late to change by using the space bar
i am wat i am and thats all that i am

User Info: Muffinnam

6 years ago#3
Gaaahh my eyes! They burn!

Seriously at least use the space bar, it makes it much easier for people to read your post. And from just a brief overview of the deck (very very brief as in just looking at the numbers) you may want to take some stuff out and add multiples of others to boost consistency.
WC10 FC: 1763-5521-7382 IGN: David

User Info: ThatGuy4913

6 years ago#4
Using the space bar is only step 1. You have to get rid of all those line breaks. All that double-spacing makes the list look like an empty Antarctic wasteland.

-1 NordicRelicLaevateinn

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