when is yugioh gonna end already

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User Info: Gunswordz

5 years ago#11
Do not pay any mind to him, friends. He is but a lowly troll from the Pokemon boards who must've gotten lost.
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User Info: rikudo_sennin

5 years ago#12
ZeroValor58 posted...
Bleach is over I believe.

Not quite. The anime ended because it finished the manga's last complete arc, but nobody wanted more filler. So they stopped making the anime. The manga just started a new arc a couple months ago, "The Thousand Year Blood War". This arc is the final arc of Bleach, but it's poised to keep going on for several years.
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User Info: mnkysprn

5 years ago#13
Nickcool1996 posted...
When Digimon is over.
When Naruto is over.
When Bleach is over.
When One Peace is over.
When Pokemon is over.
When nuclear bombs go off and cause another Ice Age.

Digimon is over for awhile now.

Naruto/Bleach/One Piece are still going strong last time I checked (Manga wise).

Pokemon won't be over as long as Gamefreak keeps coming out with new generations of the critters.
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User Info: grand demon mk2

grand demon mk2
5 years ago#14
In Japan Digimon is still going strong. A seires ended a year or so ago, I heard talk of a Seaqual not to long ago
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User Info: KiraYamatoSF

5 years ago#15
I would think when they run out of that 8 digit number on cards, but that can be easily changed to a 9 digit number or whatever.

Or when it is being largely ignored.
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