Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End

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User Info: FabIemaster

5 years ago#1
Level 8
This card Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster in your graveyard. By paying 1000 Life Points send all cards in both player's hands and on the field to the Graveyard. Inflict 300 points of damage to your opponent's Life Points for each card that is send to the Graveyard by this effect.

Chaos Emperor Dragon was and still is an extremely powerful card and some regard it as the most powerful monster created in this game. Though recently, the unbanning of Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning sparked debate of whether this card would be unbanned as well. Because of the unpredictable nature of Konami (see: Reborn Tengu and killing off the plant engine in one swoop), it certainly is possible that this beast be unbanned if not for just one format. I would like to point out that before Black Luster Soldier was unbanned, I was able to trade for copies for commons and rares. I could buy one for less than $5 USD. The price of Black Luster Soldier skyrocketed as soon as he was unbanned and for a very good reason. The secondary market has now evolved to a point where Chaos Emperor Dragon has shot up in price and even more so before the March banlist was released.

Now the question is whether Konami would, in fact, unban Chaos Emperor Dragon. The best way to figure this out is to look at the availability of the card. From what I've seen, it is about as common now as Black Luster Soldier was before his reprint in the Gold series. Chaos Emperor Dragon has not been announced for this year's gold series but I would keep an eye on it as well as the battle pack and holiday tins. With the new Dragon's Collide structure deck out, Chaos Emperor Dragon might just make an appearance on the limited list. It may be too late to boost sales of the deck with this card but konami has proven itself not to be the smartest company in the past (killing sales of Hidden Arsenal 4 by banning the only card people bought the set for).

So, how will Chaos Emperor Dragon affect the meta? Poorly. I can see Black Luster Soldier either being replaced or run along side Chaos Emperor Dragon provided their spots on the list do not swap. BLS was predicted to completely change the meta when he was unbanned. This also met with moans and groans of veteran players that were around for the old school chaos formats. As far as the meta is concerned, BLS has, in fact, impacted it. However, he does not control the meta completely. It is true that he can win games but his splash has been reduced quite a bit due to the new ruling on ignition effects. There are now more outs to stopping BLS and, in turn this creates more ways to stop Chaos Emperor Dragon as well due to the ignition nature of their effects. Chaos Emperor Dragon may or may not shape the meta like Black Luster Soldier has. So, should it be unbanned for a test-run format? I'm not going to say it should or it should not. Konami is very unpredictable at times. All I'm suggesting is that you might should stock up while they're cheap. Just in case.

User Info: Shamack

5 years ago#2
never gonna happen.
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User Info: FabIemaster

5 years ago#3
Yeah try reading the topic.

User Info: __Arthur__

5 years ago#4
If this gonna happen, they'll ban Pulsar Right away. Just look at it.

Summon CED, use eff to send a "on field" Pulsar to grave.
Pulsar eff activates.
Summon Red-Eyes, Red-Eyes summon CED.

Good Luck.

User Info: KenpoKid69

5 years ago#5
No, because to start, he's much more powerful than BLS.

He gives you hand and field control (not to mention the damage he inflicts), whereas BLS only gives you field control. Too many decks (like dragons) could really abuse him for cheap wins.

Would be a huge mistake to bring him back, he's just too overpowered!
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User Info: FabIemaster

5 years ago#6
Konami has been known to make huge mistakes. Ignition effect ruling gives them an excuse. If it does come back then all I know is I'm going to be one rich mother ****er. Same with Imperial Order.

User Info: Savra104

5 years ago#7
You don't think a card that's easier to summon and more powerful than Judgment Dragon with an entire deck type dedicated to its basis is enough of a problem to make an impact and deserves a chance to come back?

I still think BLS-E needs to go back to Forbidden.

Furthermore, there's also a chance that Konami would rather go after ReDMD instead of Lightpulsar because they want to sell the Structure Deck and ReDMD also helps Hieratics be a bit vicious.

User Info: FabIemaster

5 years ago#8
i never said I supported it.

User Info: TheFlipSide

5 years ago#9
Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
Lv: 8 / DARK / Dragon / Effect / ATK: 3000 / DEF: 2500
can not be normal summoned or set. must first be special summoned (from the hand) by banishing 1 LIGHT and 1 DARK monster from your grave. you can pay 1000 life points; send all cards on the field and in either player's hand to the grave then inflict 300 damage to your opponent for each card sent with this effect.

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User Info: FabIemaster

5 years ago#10
There seems to be some jimmies of the rustled type in this topic,

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