You know you're bad when...

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User Info: Nauske

5 years ago#21
You misspell topic titles and lock the topic.
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User Info: FabIemaster

5 years ago#22
From: Nauske | Posted: 5/30/2012 12:30:42 AM | #021
You misspell topic titles and lock the topic.

User Info: Magitek111

5 years ago#23
..When you try to destroy a field spell card with Royal Magical Library. Not even kidding, someone tried this.
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User Info: Krazymage

5 years ago#24
BLS with no Darks on the deck, thinking it was a and/or situation.
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User Info: Shamack

5 years ago#25
Slashtap posted...
You know you're bad when you don't regard the depth of this game as playing well or making optimal builds, but rather you see depth in irrelevant purposes that have no tangible reward, such as playing the unpopular card/strategy/deck for originality's sake.

You know you're bad when you see being good at this game as anything other than the ability to win.

You know you're bad when you fit the mold of scrub as defined in the competitive player's bible:

Thanks for being our living example Shamack.

You know you're bad when you think "depth" of the game is only building top tier decks and using netdecks because they don't need to be original or think for themsleves

You know you're bad at the game when you think winning means everything, as you become incapable of learning from mistakes and being unable to change as the meta shifts.

You know you're bad when you have to rely on some "bible" to judge how you should play a game.

Thanks for being our living example Slashtap.
A perfect example of a player unable to improve.
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User Info: Nauske

5 years ago#26
You should have just let it die, but now this will be slightly more interesting.
Clustering Wishes.

User Info: TTuvillo

5 years ago#27
Agreed with Nauske.
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User Info: rikudo_sennin

5 years ago#28
Slashtap seems to have missed the memo that when all you can do to have "fun" is win, then it's not a game anymore, no matter how much you lie to yourself. All those "play to win or die" people go on about unnecessary self-imposed rules, when they bear the biggest one of them all: "The only way to be any good or have fun is to win." If any players like that want to lecture the so-called "scrubs" about self-imposed rules, then you might as well jettison your hypocrisy filter before it completely clogs.

But anyway, you know you're bad when you can't see a game as a game and take it too seriously. Or if you think that destroying a trap card automatically negates it.
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User Info: worldmind

5 years ago#29
you try and synchro in your opponents turn.
you use a summoned skull avatar on dueling network.
you try and special summon black luster soldier envoy of the beginning from the deck.
you use the word pro or say pros.
you forget how to read/ forget how to read the whole text of a card.
you think that if you solemn a card at the start of the battle step then nothing can be played in the damage step.
you use hallucinogens during a duel.
you lose with a face up shooting quasar dragon.
you have very bad grammar and make up words.

I will go on DN for another ten minutes and see what else i get...

User Info: ThatGuy4913

5 years ago#30
... you think decks are auto pilot just because they're popular and winning tournaments. It's like saying humans (current top tier lifeform?) are an auto pilot species (nah, it's plants, which are auto pilot :/ ... d'oh).

... you don't understand originality. The only time you're being original is that brief moment when you find a play, combo, or deckbuilding choice that you previously didn't know about. Ironically, the best way to do this starts with copying a deck (then playing the same few turns over and over like a puzzle until you find an outstanding or surprising play, sometimes with cards outside the deck). Once that thought has run its course you can enjoy being "unoriginal" just like everything else in the universe.

... you don't enjoy playing the game. Seriously, quit playing or learn to watch when you're losing (instead of making more "plays" that involve cheating or out-of-game aggression).

... you run an Exodia deck for a year and when you go to sell it a prospective buyer comments that there are two Left Legs of the Forbidden One.

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