2 ruling questions.

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User Info: D_Winds

4 years ago#1
1. If my Mist Valley Falcon attacks, and I choose to return my face-down Forbidden Chalice, can I then activate it from my hand to boost to 2400atk?

2. My opponent summons Darkflare Dragon, banishing 2 monsters (there is still at least one Dragon in the grave), then uses it's effect. They discard one Dragon monster from the hang to the grave and send Eclipse Wyvern from the deck to the graveyard. Wyvern uses its effect to banish REDMD from the deck.

Can they banish the Wyvern that they just sent via Darkflare's effect? Does this Wyvern get the effect of returning REDMD to the hand? Is there any missed timing here?
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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#2
1) If it a quick spell and it during your turn, then yes.

Don't know about the second one since I don't use these cards.

User Info: TTuvillo

4 years ago#3
The second one is a common problem and I really don't understand the problem.

Eclipse Wyvern's effect to banish a monster from the deck is Trigger, and activates after whatever sent it to the graveyard resolves fully.

Eclipse Wyvern's effect to return a banished monster is Trigger, and activates after whatever banished it resolves fully.

AKA, the effects to banish and return would activate simultaneously, which can not happen- The monster from the deck is banished and stays so forever.
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User Info: Sith___Master

4 years ago#4
Edit: Somehow I completely missed TTuvillo's post.

Is that how it actually is? I've heard that it just misses the timing to banish since it was still in resolution of the effect. Huh. Something new everyday.
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