Breakthrough Skill

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User Info: ZEXAL_5Ds_GX

4 years ago#1
How do you find this COSMO BLAZER money-trap card? - Results (104 votes)
Sure a staple in most of decks
13.46% (14 votes)
Just an interesting card that can be used instead of Effect Veiler
50.96% (53 votes)
Good but not staple at all
35.58% (37 votes)
This poll is now closed.
CBLZ super rare in JP
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User Info: Wildfire1313

4 years ago#2
It could see some play in decks that really don't like Laggia or Shi En since they can't negate its second effect.

But what it also has over Veiler is that it can be used not just in the Main Phase and that its second effect makes it way better than negating continuous effects. Though in that aspect it also has to compete with Fiendish Chain and Forbidden Chalice.

User Info: Bluestar72

4 years ago#3
Hm, a hit and miss card.

+Breakthrough Skill can activate during the Battle Phase.
+Essentially activates a second time.
-Is much more predictable. In other words: "ER MAH GURD THERE'S A BACKROW CARD MST STORM MST MST MST"
-As a trap, it is much more easilly negated
-Not a monster or a tuner (Less Chaos fodder, less Synchro potential)

I personally like this better, but I can see why others would still prefer Veiler.
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User Info: TTuvillo

4 years ago#4
There's not a lot of stuff that get hit by the second effect from grave.
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User Info: WolfJounin

4 years ago#5
Chose the third, because it can never hope to replace Veiler (which is a lot harder to stop, has more synergy such as with BLS, can be a tuner albeit rarely will it be used for such), and Fiendish Chain is better in a lot of instances... and this is only when comparing popular effect negators (Skill Drain aside). Wouldn't you rather bottomless, judgment, warning, and potentially compulsory a monster whose effect you are worried about? I also usually associate the slot of said cards with things like Lance, D-Prison, and Mirror Force as well, so it has a lot of competition to use up that kind of slot in a deck. Sure you get to negate effects twice, but the one during your own turn seems weak in the current state of the game, where readily available removal effects are rampant.
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User Info: ZEXAL_5Ds_GX

4 years ago#6
we dont speak about chaos or synchrocentric decks but in general...
e.g. in a dinorabbit deck will u use veiler or breakthrough skill (BS)?? i think BS...
I gained the world, but lost my Soul; is there HeartGold to save me?!

User Info: WolfJounin

4 years ago#7
Why would you even consider running Breakthrough Skill in Dino Rabbit? Dino Rabbit has Dolkka. Use those spell/trap slots on Warning, Judgment, Bottomless, Book, Lance, etc etc. I'd still rather run Veiler though, as it could help you on the first turn (if you're going second), and it can cause your opponent to overextend (since they see no backfield).
Everything in life is a battle. Even peace itself is a battle to maintain it.

User Info: MasterPoker

4 years ago#8
Good in decks that mill and have problems with cards like ShiEn and Archlord Kristya. - Free, addicting rogue-based game
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User Info: -DunnoBro

4 years ago#9
Good in d fissure decks, infernities, and probably other slow decks.

Kind of annoying since lance is popular now, though...

User Info: GenexAllyRemote

4 years ago#10
Good For decks that can't run Veiler (Block Golem, Solidarity, etc)
I like it. It's neat.
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