Anyone else psyched for Shadolls?

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User Info: Nickcool1996

3 years ago#1
I was psyched for Madolche, Bujin, and Ghostrick when they were first announced for the OCG in the past when everyone was ranting about how bad they each were, and look at them now. I was also hoping that each of those would be inexpensive when they came over to the TCG, and look at them now. So, I'll continue the cycle with another of my anticipated archetypes: Shadolls.

Shadolls are weird in that they seem to be born from the corruption of Gem-Knights from the Evilswarm virus, so they focus on fusions (this is all my own speculation). What makes them weirder is that they are also focused on flip effects and seem to be resurrected puppets of the DT archetypes for their "god" Nephilim to control. Oh, and they are anti-special summon focused. Anyways, here are (what I hope) to be a portion of what will be released in The Duelist Advent.

Pretty neat, but all they have are recycle and anti-special summon stuff. idk when we'll get anti-spell, trap, and monster effect cards, but they will be highly recyclable if they are ever released. They'll be expensive when they come over here... calling it >_>
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User Info: D_mac9

3 years ago#2
I am really hyped for Shadolls, if they aren't to pricey I will definitely build them irl. (Watch as Shadoll Fusion and atleast one of Midrash and Nephillim be Secret Rares)
Also since we have a Light fusion and a Dark fusion, plus Shadollroots' effect, I am sure we will get a Fusion for each attribute, so Super Poly should be a great card for them.

If they get big I am sure Nobleman of Crossout will find it's way into more people's Side Decks.

EDIT: And yes they are born from the Gem Knights as Dark-line Warrior Caingorgorm (What remains of the Knights) becomes Shadollroots, as you can see by looking at them side by side.

Master Guide 4 has the prelude to their story here

User Info: AwesomeMario

3 years ago#3
Omg I want this archetype now. They look amazing 0.0 I want to make a build right now lol

Hopefully we get all atributes so that Super Poly can be run :/
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User Info: Nickcool1996

3 years ago#4
Gotta read that later.

Some things that I thought about while looking at this archetype:

Shadoll Fusion, like Gem-Knight Fusion, is the most broken card in the archetype. It can do things from dump darks like Mali and Zeph in the grave to stuff like setting up a 1-card Drascension play. It alone should make people not want to summon stuff from the extra deck, which nerfs most decks immensely.

The Darks are Spellcasters, the Lights are Fairies. Chaos can be run with these, and they get Spellbook support. What's cool is that Wonder Wand can get Midrash's effect to return Fusion to summon another Midrash. Making Fusion once per turn was a very good idea.
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User Info: zane0144

3 years ago#5
I would definitely run this
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User Info: salandrews

3 years ago#6
Hyped. Especially if they will be cheap. Always wanted to run a fusion based deck.
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User Info: AwesomeMario

3 years ago#7
I want a shadoll fiend that's level 3 xD Tour guide + Shadoll fusion + hypothetical level 3 fiend shadoll? Do want xD

Edit: Also Nephilim will probably be a secret because it's an Ultra in the OCG :/ Hopefully I have the monies when it's released here to get most of the deck (if they're as good as they seem to be)
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User Info: Trill_Cosby

3 years ago#8
Rofl Shadoll the Hedgehog.
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User Info: TTuvillo

3 years ago#9
It's gonna be DARK Spellcasters and LIGHT Fairies, if that wasn't obvious yet.

It'll be more interesting if the maindeck LIGHTs have completely different styles of effects from the DARKs
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User Info: Stardust2592

3 years ago#10
Midrash is a level 5 instant fusion target, the no special summon part doesnt matter so long as you summon her last, and she gets her effect if used for an xyz material or sync'd.

Love the look of this deck, will definitely give it a go.
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