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User Info: kasper33x

6 years ago#1
well Ive been playing my player for about a week and figured out how to edit it so i have an uber 3rd baseman with max stats.

1). Download ArtMoney

2). Once it is installed, open MLB 2k11 if it isn't already. Go to the skill points page in My Player, and make a note of exactly how many skill points you currently have. You will need more than 0 for this to work.

3). Open up ArtMoney. Next to "Select Process", select MLB 2k11.

4). Click the "Search" button, and change the exact value to the number of skill points you currently have. You need not change any other part. Click ok to run the search (this could take a bit depending on your comp. speed)

5). There should be a ton of results on the left-side box. Now go into MLB 2k11 and spend some skill points. Doesn't matter how many, just spend some, and make sure you commit the points to your player. Make a note of how many skill points you now have. You have to do this individually for every type of "skill" (Batting, pitching outfield, base running exc.)

6). Click on the "Filter" button, and enter in your new skill point total, and click ok.

7). This should return 3 values. My belief is that only the middle result actually changes the number of points, but for safety's sake change all 3. Click the green (bottom) right arrow to move the 3 entries to the edit window. Type a new value for all 3, like 999999, which will be your new skill point total.

And there you go you will have as many skill points as u want. Is pretty easy to do. I was successful on my first attempt ;D. I know it works for Win7

User Info: Thuganomic05

6 years ago#2

I'm either oblivious or it's simply not working for me... either way, could you add some more specifics, I get lost easily. Am I supposed to enter my total amount of skill points, or just the amount of SP for the "skill" I wish to change? If I'm doing total do I have to have more than 0 in all 3 "batting, fielding, and br"? I'm confused :|

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