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User Info: Rangers9191

6 years ago#1

I hope the hub in this game is similar to the ones in the Star Wars games where the A.I. would randomly fight each other outside. Whenever I got a little bored I would walk outside Dexter's Diner and watch Darth Maul fight Anakin, etc. I would think the hub would either be in Tortuga or maybe the Black Pearl..

User Info: Shadowrun_2

6 years ago#2
That would be cool; I used to like to see all the characters in one giant fight. They kind of did that in Lego Batman as well, in Arkham the villains would start fights with one another.

User Info: Rangers9191

6 years ago#3

Yeah, although I didn't get the same feel in Lego Batman. Perhaps if they combined the Bat Cave and Arkham somehow, then it would've been good.

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