freezing problem

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User Info: Blackthorn027

6 years ago#1
I bought this game brand new last week, and I've had it freeze glitch on me 4 or 5 thimes already, made me loose some of my work. Has anyone else had problems with this game freezing or do you think its just my disc.

I installed the game to see if that helps and since then, so far anyway, it has worked, but im still wondering if this is a comment problem or not.

User Info: Bartman2

6 years ago#2
My game has froze twice on me (both times I was playing co-op) the first time was in Port Royal and the Second the Black Peril level.
I had the game glitch on me once during the boss fight with Angelica during the fourth movie.
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6 years ago#3
My brand new game has the same problem. It froze twice when I was in two player mode. Twice in Port Royal and once in Davy Jones' Locker, DOES ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION? HELP!

User Info: Blackthorn027

6 years ago#4
So, It freezes on me when i play co-op as well so im guessing there is a connection.
I will say that ever since ive installed the game to my harddrive I havn't had it freeze but its only been installed for a few days, so time will tell but so far it seems to be working.

User Info: blingbling078

6 years ago#5
ok i was getting worried two lockups

im like nooooooooooo not another 360 refurb down the drain

User Info: blingbling078

6 years ago#6
im not playing coop though just single player

User Info: verbalizeray

6 years ago#7
It only froze on me 2x, both times in which the character I'm controlling is coming dwon from the air. Once in Blackbeard's ship froze whilst jumping, 2nd time froze as I fell off the edge & into the water in the hub.

User Info: Sneaky Assassin

Sneaky Assassin
6 years ago#8
Freezing is an issue with all lego games, just got to put up with it.

User Info: Blackthorn027

6 years ago#9
I've never had a problem with any lego games freezing until this one.

User Info: videogameking33

6 years ago#10
Haven't had one problem with it freezing on me, this is a first because all the other Lego games kept freezing on me numerous times.
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