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User Info: kjeca4

6 years ago#1
Anyone having a problem with the game freezing up? I was playing with my son and the whole game froze up twice in Tortuga.

User Info: Cuchullen

6 years ago#2

Yep. Same here.

Started to play the game in co-op mode with my daughter. Near the end of the second level on Tortuga. Loud high-pitched sound and the games freezes. Have to reboot to recover. It then happened another time at a different place.

Then we tried playing the game in single-player mode and it hasn't happened since.

User Info: Shadowrun_2

6 years ago#3
I have had this game freeze up way too many times on me. The other games froze up maybe once or twice but this with this game it feels like it does it all the time.

User Info: zelda_40

6 years ago#4
Same level, high pitched noise, but it didn't freeze on me. Couldn't wait to get through the level though, the noise was awful!

User Info: ManiacsDream

6 years ago#5
Hi All

Yep I'm having the same issue with freezing and screaming from this game.

I had the same issue with previous Lego games, but this one seems to do it more often and it is damned annoying.

Tortuga level definitely froze.

I'm now losing patience with the Fountain of Youth level as it freezes near the beginning if I chop the trees and plants down and again near the end when trying to beat Blackbeard......

Have tried it 5 times over 2 days and it freezes everytime.

Also, in the home port, when moving through the gates on either end of the original walkway, the game halts for a while but you can still hear the noises of the characters - seems to take an age to go through the gate to the left!

Fed Up now

User Info: Sneakers

6 years ago#6
I had the game freeze and emit a high pitched sound when playing in the port town hub. Usually when hitting the trees. I was thinking it was my Wii since its quite old and offside and emitted a high pitched sound when my friend played Samurai Warriors 3. Not sure what other games causedthe system to freeze up like that. Is most annoying...especially the sound.
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User Info: Shadowrun_2

6 years ago#7
I've also noticed a glitch with the character switching. Sometimes it takes a long time for the switch and when it happens I get the dog instead of the character I had chosen.

User Info: scandragon

6 years ago#8
I've only had it lockup on me once.. And that was in Tortuga.
I was headed back to the boat, click C and the game freezes with a constant tone and the wiimote constantly vibrating. But I had that a few times with Clone Wars aswell.

I've seen less glitches here than in CW, to be honest.. But I haven't completed it yet.
I'm still on Worlds End, and haven't started free play yet. Maybe more will appear

User Info: chadzter

6 years ago#9
Playing on the nintendo wii Ive had the game freeze twice in the forty hours i've put into it. Only during free play mode. A glitch i've noticed is after playing the Isla Cruces level in free play mode and upon returning to port, my characters are thrown out into the sea just north of the typical spawning point, i then have to swim back through the dock to get back into the regular playing zone. Also sometimes when switching between the characters in free play mode the load time hangs and it picks a diffrent character then the one i had chosen. Oh and sometimes when at the port leaving to the eastern part of port the screen goes black and then i can hear my characters moving around for a bit then the area eventually loads. The game is really buggy.

User Info: shenran

6 years ago#10
i get that character glitch to. i select Jack while as someone else in the hub port and that purple swirl takes its time, then i am the dog not Jack.
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