Conviction is more fun if you play it as a classic Splinter Cell game

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  3. Conviction is more fun if you play it as a classic Splinter Cell game

User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#1
You found Conviction more fun when you play it as a classic Splinter Cell game - Results (23 votes)
69.57% (16 votes)
30.43% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I tried playing conviction just like the classics, holstering my weapon, and just doing hand to hand take downs, taking my time, and stalking in the shadows, and I found it to be more fun then just run and gunning.
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User Info: riddlebox89

4 years ago#2
Yes, yes it is.

Sadly most people who've played it aren't willing to play it like this, they see it as "OK this game feels like I should go in full on assault mode so I'm going to do that and nothing else." instead of playing it how they want and the majority of those people don't realize that the mark and execute feature is completely optional outside of the two points where you absolutely have to do it.
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User Info: Famine_10f4

4 years ago#3
Whenever I play Conviction I essentially never restrict myself. With that being said I never go out full action. nor do I use unsuppressed weapons. Whenever I do strike I want it to be so fast and effective that the enemy doesn't have time to react before they're all dead. I have played it before where I sneak past as many people as I can, but it never feels as satisfying as the other games were...

User Info: PFiction24

4 years ago#4
I actually played Conviction in more or less the same style as other SC games. Ambush like mother-f$%&()
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User Info: Moss_27

4 years ago#5
I almost feel like Hitman Absolution is the best of both Hitman and Splinter Cell. I think Hitman's stealth (even without disguises) beats out Conviction by a wide margin today.
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

4 years ago#6
That depends on WHAT you mean... I prefer playing panther AKA stealth elimination and yes... yes its fun like that but not when you get detected that ruins it a bit.

I like the fact that im usually not stressed too much and can relax and just calmly eliminate them... THATS what i call fun GT SuperVegitoFAN
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

4 years ago#7
I dont run and gun, and dont like to do it... the only fps i consider really fun, i guess would be half life...

i think HL2 is the game ive completed the most times... it was on my moms old desktop that could hardly run it, let alone lego star wars 2 or episode 1. GT SuperVegitoFAN
This is why Chrome isnt as good as people says.

User Info: OU8124ME

4 years ago#8
Many people wrote off Conviction as being too easy and a big "sell out" for main stream audiences. This is very narrow minded and shallow thinking - all you have to do is be creative and think outside of the box.

For example - ghost all the maps to the back in Infiltration mode with the "No Gadgets" option = On using just your eyes and ears to locate laser sources with no distractions - very intense old school game play.

Chaos Theory was my favorite game of all time until I realized the endless amount of ways I could play the Hunter/Infiltration modes on Conviction - Blacklist will be expanding the ghost aspect so it will be even better.
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User Info: OU8124ME

4 years ago#9

Hitman:Absolution is a brilliant game and the Contracts mode reminds me of the Hunter/Infiltration modes of Conviction.

I have played some of the most creative contracts and enjoy the ones which are more like puzzles rather than just shooting people. I love playing Purist as well without disguises as the intensity is what I thrive on.

I also enjoy creating contracts which are brainteasers and you can usually see those who have figured out the strategy by the wide margin between scores.

Splinter Cell will always be the crown jewel in my eyes but Absolution definitely helps keep the time go by quicker until Blacklist and having the contracts mode makes it one of my top games of all time.
Only stealth matters...
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