Has no one tried this.....?

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User Info: MACH0

7 years ago#1
I just saw trailer of it, over here:


And the game looks interesting. I may buy it and give it a try.
Seems to be a port from the iphone.

Anyone play this yet at all?

User Info: MACH0

7 years ago#2
Ok, i decided to buy it for myself, and try it out.
So if anyone EVER reads this, here's my input:

If u enjoy fast arcadey style, level based puzzler games, YOU'LL LOVE THIS. Its brilliant.

Heres my story:

So i bought a bunch of cheap psp minis, and honestly most of them arent worth even mentioning......until i came to one game thats stood out like a bright shining diamond. The games called EDGE

Its not a very long game, and i cant really call it retail worthy, but the game is truly inspiring.
Originally it came out for the iphone, and later ported to the psp. Which works so good on psp. (dont know how it would work on the iphone touch screen)

The game is a level based puzzle game. U control a cube, and must find your way to the exit. The gameplay is fast, and theres quite a few surprises /effects/ unique level designs/ and even weird morphs for u to do on your cube, to help u reach the exit.
Lots of replaybility due to collectable prisms scattered around each level, that u can even replay levels to try find again at a later time.

Heres a trailer of it:


And some more gameplay footage from the iphone, which is the same on the psp:


Some more quick info on the psp mini game EDGE, includes:

- The game has some cool sound tracks, that feel mysterious.

- Gameplay is fast, smooth, and full of puzzlelicious beauts.

- Game isnt long if u just speed run through it, (40 levels, that can probably be completed in an hour or 2 if u rush) however, trying to find all the collectible prisms, hidden around each level, does make the alot longer and give the game alot of replaybility.

- U can replay previous levels to try find all collectable/hidden prisms, and get a better ranking.

- Very cool and clever effects, and morphing your cube to help u find the exit.

This is just my 2 cents, but i'd thought i'd share. Enjoy.
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  3. Has no one tried this.....?

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