Farming money

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User Info: super5045KAmon

5 years ago#1
Like title said, is there a to actually farm money in this game? Drops are inaccurate to have an steady income and the quests gives little to no money. This while all the shop prices are pretty high if you ask me, 1m for 10 food stuff and most of the time you burn 10 food stuff within 20 minutes.

User Info: sparkblade

5 years ago#2
The best place to farm money is at DT(dark tower). Mobs there are week and you virtually use little to no item while fighting there provided you have a good chipset equipped. If you wanna recover HP and DS you can just exit DT's field of influence, digivolve then reenter and get back to hunting again. But the downside is you're always fighting in rookie form so you cant reinforce your mega's skill.

My guildmate also said that Digimon Maze Entrance can net you a pretty amount of bits and good loots provided that your tamer lvl55. I still haven't tested it out since i cant go to maze yet since my tamer is only 52.

Lastly, you can earn bits fast by selling P.SIlk items but this method is only reserved for rich kids. Bloody cashers overpricing stuff. X(

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