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User Info: torNATEo

5 years ago#1
I want to buy a Betamon egg from the cash shop. This is the first thing I've ever bought from the shop, and I can't figure out how exactly to buy it. I've got 150 silk, but no premium silk. Can I buy the egg with just normal silk? I tried clicking on the Betamon egg in the shop, but all it does is bring up the description of the item, i can't find a "buy" button anywhere... Also, my account has more than one tamer character on it. Can I control which tamer profile the egg goes to?
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User Info: Monoculus

5 years ago#2
Access the cash shop in-game with the character you want to buy it for. There might be a button there for toggling between premium silk and normal silk payment, it's been so long since I've plated that I don't remember.

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