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Currently using lg g3. Next phone im thinking S7 or G5...simpfan2k633/7 12:52AM
What's a game like...Is_Corrupted23/6 12:00PM
Is the G5 right for me?darkmaian2343/6 5:39AM
Is the moto G4 a good buy for $180ethsfan93/3 2:37PM
My LG G3 is starting to run a little slow. What can I do?DesertPenguin0993/2 3:52PM
Like A G6.skyMcWeeds103/1 6:10PM
If I log I to a work Google account on my phone, can they see any personal info?allergyseason23/1 5:12PM
huawei p9 nougat update just arrived for me, should i update?auginiste22/28 11:20PM
Whats a good fun game to get? Im out of things to pass time on the train :(OZ_Archangel42/28 5:09PM
Looking for a Custom OS for Galaxy Tab 2 10.1Diesel9512/28 4:20PM
How do you add words to dictionary with new update?OZ_Archangel12/28 3:47PM
Any way to back all my apps and stuff from Galaxy S7 Edge to PC or whatever?michman40522/26 1:42PM
hello my name is jeonbogyung!JEONBOGYUNG52/26 6:20AM
Tempered glass screen protectors?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
n_uk2009132/26 4:35AM
adoptable storage doesn't work anymore on android 7.0sonicteam2k152/25 9:27PM
Most files + folders not showing up when micro SD card in phone connected to PC.DarkKirby250042/25 4:54AM
android tablet data plan
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
MaryJHappy112/24 7:25PM
Really don't understand why Andorid isn't more popular
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Junpeiclover132/23 5:24PM
Questions about the Nvidia Shield K1chaquichan2352/23 10:49AM
Need Google Cardboard (without bluetooth controller) game recommendations!ar1speedboy12/23 9:56AM
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