is it ok to get a Curve 8530?

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  3. is it ok to get a Curve 8530?

User Info: ___Seibzehn___

6 years ago#1
Anyone have one or is willing to share their thoughts about it compared to other models?

User Info: iDrone

6 years ago#2
I have one and have no problems with it, it's definitely one the cheapest models out at the moment. The camera is a crap but what do you expect from a phone?

User Info: justebelmont

6 years ago#3
8530 is terrible, get the 9330.

Sprint Service Technician Consultant. Feel free to ask me questions. :)

User Info: ilsunshangxiang

6 years ago#4
get something that starts with 9. 8 is outdated

User Info: OursTeh1337

6 years ago#5
The camera sucks, and it does slow down every now and then, but it's still very good for the price.
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  3. is it ok to get a Curve 8530?

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