Weapon select and unlimited ammo...

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User Info: XXsKiTzOidXX

5 years ago#1

Not sure if this has been asked, sorry if it has. Is it an option if you beat the game on crushing and do all the treasures?

User Info: Cmac4

5 years ago#2
Nope. It was removed.

User Info: Madelle

5 years ago#3
Terrible decision, I think. These options are part of why I was so fond of the Uncharted series. I still am, of course, just less so. I would often point out the unlockable cheats and infinite ammo in Uncharted and Resident Evil 5 as things I hoped other games would implement. Unfortunately not.

User Info: XXsKiTzOidXX

5 years ago#4

That is really disappointing. Cuz theres some really cool toys in this one that would rock with inf. ammo. :(

User Info: Cmac4

5 years ago#5
Its weird they took it out cause they have been doing it since the Jak series on PS2 lol.

User Info: Donoho

5 years ago#6
I was pretty disappointed when I finished the game and couldn't find these options. I'm still searching the boards hoping it was a mistake on my part of something someone will find because it was "hidden".

User Info: AlleyBoi420

5 years ago#7
^ Your gonna be searching forever because ND already confirmed they left those features out on purpose.
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User Info: Wiiplayer111

5 years ago#8
They left them out because it caused the game to crash. I think that was what was causing the phat PS3s to crash. So they removed it before going gold.
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User Info: romana86

5 years ago#9

ughhhhhh ok this lowers my opinion of the game. I have so much fun going back and replaying 1 and 2 and being able to choose my weapons and game options like infinite ammo or whatever. And character outfits! I've played 2 all the way through like 5 times now, trying different techniques and just having a blast. So, so, so disappointed this feature was removed! Yet another reason the first two games are better than the third, imo

Also, it was crashing the game? The only PS I've ever owned is a PS3 slim, so I assume the "phat" PS3 is the original version? Were these extra options really crashing the game in 1 and 2? I never had any problems myself. But really - they couldn't add them anyway? The PS3 slim has been out for a while now, and while I'm sure there are still plenty of people with the original PS3, leaving something out because it may crash the game on one version of a console is ridiculous - that's punishing everyone. It's like those teachers in high school who would make the class stay late after the bell because one person had a never-ending series of questions and of course it just wasn't possible for the teacher to discuss these things with the student after class and let everyone else who doesn't have those questions go home. That metaphor got away from me a bit, but still. It fits.

User Info: Billysan

5 years ago#10
No they just gave a bogus excuse saying the cheats where to hard to implement this time. I can see that with stuff like low gravity and stuff but not the other stuff.
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