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User Info: TheWiseGai

5 years ago#1
For people who play UC3 religiously ( Like me) we notice certain things about boosters. One , that they pretty much determine a person's skill, and 2, that nearly half of them are not used. I used to wonder why until I realized , that most of the boosters are pretty much obsolete compared to the other top tier ones. So I decided to create a list showing which boosters are a god-send, and which are ones people who want hate winning use

S Tier List ( Holy Ghost Cat.)
Fleet Foot - Who can argue that this booster isn't a life saver ? The ability to dodge bullets effectively and with grace proves how valuable this booster is. Nearly EVERY pro uses this , as it allows them to dodge M9 bullets, while pumping G-MAL rounds into their opponents . Truly, one of THE best boosters in the game.

Bargain - This booster is the BANE of the Uncharted 3 Multi-player. Anyone using this booster is obviously using it with an offensive kickback. But can you blame them? It's basically Jesus you can equip. It's efficient in every way, and heck, if you can pull off the right tactics, kickbacks become infinite for you. And add Paid Bargain with it ... see what I mean? Cloaked - This booster is so special , it can also be considered the best booster in the game . As you use Cloaked, you notice how people do not notice you in situations they normally would. This include sandstorms, any dark map, hanging off walls, name it. This booster is your savior in many situations , and has a perfect place in this tier. Explosive Shell Expert - Belongs in this category , mainly for the fact that this booster enables you 9 RPG's a game, if you use them all. And if you have RPG as your kickback, that's an additional 11 at your disposal. 11 . Freakin'. RPG's. Ready for your unleashing. Need I say more?

Weapon Expert - The last booster , but certainly not least for the S tier category. This booster allows you to equip the most deadly weapon mod combinations in history. ( Rate of Fire + Reload Speed ) ( Accuracy and Scope Zoom ) (Rate of Fire + Blind-fire Accuracy). And don't get me started on the Raffica + Dragon Sniper technique.

A Tier List ( Hidden Leaf Cat.)
Scoped - In - The first booster for the A Tier, and quite possibly my favorite one. It allows you to use any weapon with a scope ( even with scope zoom on) to not struggle in killing someone when getting shot at. You may scoff at this, but when you equip it, you'll realize that most of your deaths have been lessened greatly due to Scoped- IN. Alas, you'll probably never experience this, as leveling this booster is a real bore. Regeneration - Ignoring the glitch, this booster is a life saver to have. When getting shot at, you'll only need 3 seconds to recover before being at full health, and ready for some vengeance. It's great to combine with Smoke Bomb, as you don't have to cower in fear just so you can gather your health back. But with the glitch in play, I recommend some caution using it.

Explosive Expert - The main reason this isn't in the S Tier is how estranged it is to come across a grenade. You'll never know if one is where you need , when you need it. But with 3 grenades, Quick Boom becomes a VERY valuable kickback to use, spamming 3 grenades in rapid succession. Also, it helps if you wanna relive your Metroid days.

Daredevil - Daredevil, the only booster which makes people hate you as soon as you use it . It summons nearly 1/3 of your ammo back each time you use it, which is nothing to sneeze at. You can stick to your primary , or secondary, weapon the entire game if you want. It's exclusion from the S Tier is due to people using the same weapon as you.... especially if you use the G-MAL.

Power Hunter - Yes, I'm serious. This booster does seem stupid at first, until you realize that you walk past ALOT of Power Weapons during game-play. You mean you didn't see the RPG under the Chateau turret that someone dropped? Well, the guy with Power Hunter on did, with the Mag 5 he obtained near the zip-line room. It's a cheap booster to use, but it can help you in many situations.

Team Safe - Of course I'm adding this here . This one guarantees that you can save your teammates life with no trouble in sight. See him surrounded by enemies? Throw a Mega Bomb their way and kill them all, while waiting for your teammate to pump their dead bodies full of shame. Teammate get in your way of an RPG. Shooting them won't matter , as they won't even realize what just happened.... though you will.....

B Tier List ( Freshman Fools)
Endurance - A flawed booster, but it still achieves it's goal of being able to outrun most of your teammates. But honestly , unless you're a man who mashes the L3 button, you're better off with the other boosters. But granted, this can help you dearly in Team Objective.

Monkey Man - My favorite booster, but one that doesn't find much use, and there's a good reason why. Most maps in UC3 are vertical based arenas, but you're more vulnerable climbing rather than going up the stairs. It's effective for situations where people are camping and you need an alternate strategy to take them out, but other than that, you are better off with other boosters. Still amazingly fun to use , however.

Revenge - Next to Bargain, this is by far the most used 2nd slot booster in the game. It's not the cheapest, but it's pretty damn close. However, it kills teammates more than it does enemies. People have learned to suicide bomb with it, but at the same time, it's just not worth it. LV3 is the only savior of it being in the lower tiers.

Treasure Hunter - What can I say that people don't know? Helps you gain treasures for the OP 3 modded guns. We all know you want them. But since it doesn't help in combat ( unless you capture each treasure for Acquisition medals / Just Cash.), it belongs safely here. Beast Mode - For people who us their Secondary Weapon as their main, this is perfect for them. However, Riot Shields aren't on every level unfortunately, so you'll be discouraged when you can't use this. But using this with the riot shield is a great idea. And you do in fact have the Pak 80 as backup. C Tier List ( The Friend Zone )
Come Here - Another overlooked one, and thankfully for good reason. It allows you to see ONE person at a time ,and that's only if you die and are in range of them. Honestly, you're better off getting Ping and ignoring this one ASAP.

Let Me See - Another useless one. If you die twice in a row, trust me, you aren't getting a good KDR with this booster equipped. It's not even worth looking at , as on certain maps, you won't even be able to use it properly.

Kickback Endurance - It add's 10 seconds to the timer. Not enough to use it against the juggernaut Bargain. If this ever gets a buff , it has to get at least 15 - 20 seconds.

Deposit - Now the main reason I put this here is pretty much how useless it is competitively. You get more money for medals, which is great, but if your leveling up, you're gonna be done by the time it reaches level 3, unless you have a understanding team who let's you do everything.

Ammo Award - Totally useless compared to Daredevil. You get minuscule ammo that won't help you int he long run. Better to ignore this unless you have a sniper. And that's a huge IF to it.


That's my honest on these, and I think they're legit. What do you think?

User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

5 years ago#2
Deposit doesn't take that long to level up, it is quite easy during chain reaction.
the end of one nightmare, prelude to the another...

User Info: elibeaverhausen

5 years ago#3
Mr_Big_Boss posted...
Deposit doesn't take that long to level up, it is quite easy during chain reaction.

Plus, if you get Chain Reaction AND Turf War in one match, SCORE!

User Info: Chunx907

5 years ago#4
Fantastic topic. Really well thought out list, you should post this on the official UC3 MP board.

Agree with just about everything you posted, by the way.

User Info: nubs222

5 years ago#5
How about Co-op boosters?
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User Info: StormTR

5 years ago#6
He DOES know Fleet Foot stops if you get shot ONCE, which...with how people are online, and lag, means it'll get stopped half the time and be ineffective.
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User Info: Klobzi

5 years ago#8
I always use either Fleet Foot or Recovery with Bargain.

Seriously, is there anything else you need in this game? ND really screwed up the balance.

User Info: TheWiseGai

5 years ago#9
Mr_Big_Boss posted...
Deposit doesn't take that long to level up, it is quite easy during chain reaction.
the end of one nightmare, prelude to the another...

That may be so, but once again, it can't be used competitively. Not to say it's a bad booster.

@Chunx907 Thanks man, I really appreciate your comment. You sure you don't have any disagreements?
@nubs222 I may create a Co-Op booster tier list, but that will most likely be added to a co-op strategy guide, and God knows there's a lot of those.
@ StormTR Only if the G-MAL hits you once does FF become useless, which is where the complaints for the reduction of Stopping Power comes from. But overall FF is an amazing booster .
@Klobzi Compared to UC2, there's more boosters in this game that are actually useful. But the overall balance is fudged up thanks to factors such as kickbacks, power plays, and lag . So the game has become about who can come up with the cheapest way to win, rather than who can assess their skill the best.

User Info: Vergil92

5 years ago#10
Nice list, though I just want to point out a good strategy with it. Though most people use Bargain with offensive kickbacks, it is also quite effective in use with Smoke Bomb, if you use the paid booster along with it, it only costs 4 medals to use.

I've been testing around with it for a while and I've gone several games only dying once or twice using it, because of it costing so low, it makes it very easy to escape whenever your caught off guard (which can happen alot on this game). The only real problem with it is lag from melees killing you before you pop up.
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