Uncharted 3 boosters and medal kickbacks list

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User Info: WrenchNinja

6 years ago#1
ooster Slot 1

Come Here - See the opponent that killed you up to 15 meters until they die
Let Me See - Every two deaths allow you to see all opponents for 8 seconds
Regeneration - Recover from wounds 70% faster
Beast Mode - Move faster with heavy objects by 10%
Scoped In - Reduce pain wobble while scoped in
Fleet Foot - Move faster while aiming
Retaliation - Spawn with limited ammo when killed with a Power Weapon
Cloaked - Opponents will not see your player arrow and you are difficult to hear
Weapon Expert - Add on additional MOD slot to all pistols (Required Rank: 5)
Explosive Expert - Carry an extra grenade
Endurance - Decrease sprint recovery time by 20% (Required Rank: 7)
Booty Buddy - Share what is found in chests
Stealth Buddy - Fill your Medal Kickback when your buddy gets a stealth kill
Sugar Buddy - Receive cash when your buddy does
Thanks Buddy - Shared medals
Booster Slot 2

Back in the Saddle - Respawn time reduced by 2 seconds
Monkey Man - Climb faster
Lucky Me - Increase the [chance] of getting goods from chest by 10%
Bargain - Decrease Medal Kickback cost by 1
Deposit - Earn more money for objective medals
Treasure Hunter - Increase the chance of getting treasures from chest by 10% and see cursed treasures
Ammo Award - Receive ammo for getting kills in a row
Daredevil - Taunt over an opponents body to receive ammo (Required Rank: 5)
Team Safe - Explosives do not knock you down and teammates only receive 1/2 damage from your grenades
Overstock - Medal Kickback limit increased by 3
Power Hunter - See the location of Power Weapons within 10 meters (Required Rank: 7)
Kickback Endurance - Increase Medal Kickback times by 10%
Revenge - Drop live grenade upon death
Explosive, Buddy - Get a grenade for each of your buddies' explosive kills
Kill, Buddy - Receive ammo for each kill your buddy gains
For My Buddy - See the location of the opponent that killed your buddy until they die
Medal Kickback

Militia Man - No reloading for 30 second. Costs 5 medals.
Disruption - Nearby enemies cannot see player arrows for 45 seconds. Costs 6 medals.
Smoke Bomb - Vanish in a puff of smoke. Costs 7 medals.
Cursed Idol - Trow an idol that releases a cloud of gas that curses anyone who enters it. Costs 7 medals.
Cash 'em In - Double your cash earnings for 30 seconds. Costs 7 medals.
Carpet Bomb - Throw 3 grenades at once. Costs 7 medals.

Bolded = Returning boosters
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User Info: integra84

6 years ago#2
good bye down the irons, hello situational awareness on a whole nother level
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User Info: LightningSky

6 years ago#3
Good thing there's a beta. Looks like it needs a lot of balancing.

Does power hunter mean we can't spawn with the weapons we want or just power weapons? Cuz I'm pretty sure we will be able to choose our weapons.

User Info: PUR3_GAM3R33

6 years ago#4
I can see some of these being ether overpowered or insanity annoying.
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User Info: Enoch_Ching

6 years ago#5
i can see a lot of whining in the future. hopefully just in the beta, but i wouldn't hold my breath.
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User Info: Sinful_Desire

6 years ago#6
looks like ill be using regeneration and daredevil
finally some useful boosters!
im always running out of ammo and nades [:
and i always taunt xD
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User Info: TomBergman909

6 years ago#7

There better not be SA type Boosters/Kickbacks in UC3. SA was the lamest idea ever made. Lets hope it doesnt return. The Kickbacks where all players can see peoplesarrows and where they are seem like Blackbird Killstreak from BO. I just hope that its limited on a timer. I can deal with this as long as there isnt a Booster similar to SA.

User Info: bobstevens23123

6 years ago#8
nice but thus list has already been updated some there was another perk i forget and the rpg kickback i think for 10 medals and ya needs to b balanced a lot of nice perks though and most r situational
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User Info: phurawsity

6 years ago#9

seems awesome so far. i really think they should have brought back more of the old boosters tho. basic stuff like bandoleer and rapid hands should be staples to online shooters.

although they took out SA some of those seem very close to it, like the one where you see enemy locations if they kill your buddy. and other boosters like monkey man i dont know why they kept.

i am happy they took out power weapon abuse boosters like launchman too.

an they kept fleet foot! YAY! happy strafing!

User Info: Gamer7147

6 years ago#10
Great list, but I'll miss DTI and the quick reloading booster. Also, the list needs tweaking.
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