Multiplayer tips for a beginner?

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User Info: ShinZero

5 years ago#1
Hey all. Im a new PS3 owner and I've been playing through the Uncharted games. Finally made it to part 3 (which is awesome so far). I decided to play some multiplayer and was hooked from my first game. I made it to rank 8 and outside of the normal stuff like needing to learn the maps, etc is there anything I should know that might be helpful? So far, I've been saving most of the cash i earned. Is there a solid beginner weapon, booster or setup worth investing in? Any advice in general? Thanks! I just wish I could convert my buddies from MW3.
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User Info: Bobes105

5 years ago#2
Type the word "tips" into the search box at the bottom of the topic list. Lots of great stuff there, and it saves someone from having to write it all over again.
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User Info: Kjones77

5 years ago#3
Pick up the g-mal whenever you can. There will be plenty of them lying around. Master that gun. Don't download the dlc.
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User Info: papaganreyiz

5 years ago#4
Kjones77 posted...
Pick up the g-mal whenever you can. There will be plenty of them lying around. Master that gun. Don't download the dlc.
Psn kylejay

why he dosent download the dlc?because of he is a new player or dlc sucks???i also need some advices to download the dlc can be a waste of money maybe?

User Info: SolarJam

5 years ago#5
For MW3, Black Ops, Marvel 3, Brink, LBP 2, Uncharted 3 and more:
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User Info: DethSnake

5 years ago#6
Lol no, don't master the G-MAL. It's a crap gun. All the other guns are good (except the KAL-7 which is only good close range). Pick one gun suits your fancy and get good with it. Then add whatever mod(s) work for you. Unlocking the treasure set guns might help as they already have 2-3 mods preset on them.

Use melee sparingly. It's good for certain situations but these situations are limited. Don't go out of your way to get melee kills like so many beginners make the mistake of doing.

Learn to aim well. Killing people with your gun is way more effective that the cheap tactics so many people use. The most frequently used tactics of these are:
- See an enemy? Someone shooting at you? Forget shooting back! Toss your grenade at them before you start shooting.
The problem: You can get killed so easily by the opponent if they start shooting at you while you attempt to implement this god awful tactic. Then all they have to do is throw the grenade back or roll away.
- See an enemy? Run towards them and start spraying your assault rifle or pistol without even aiming (blindfire) then try to smack them down with a melee attack.
The problem: Any decent player will gun you down before you even wear down half their health.
- See an enemy? Try to get close and do nothing but melee.
The problem: Melee attacks can be avoided by simple rolling. The roll/drop grenade tactic also takes these melee spammers out fast.

Given these tactics can be quite effective under certain circumstances or against newer players, in the long run they're just bad habits that will really bring your performance down and won't work for crap against experienced players.

Just try to play tactically. Play it smart.

User Info: WestcoastMike

5 years ago#7
The GMAL isn't a "crap gun". Don't ignore it; it's certainly one of the better guns in the game once you master it. I wouldn't try using it right away'd probably be better off with an easier to use gun while you're still getting the feel of the maps and getting used to implementing other tactics.

User Info: Mohandasgandhi

5 years ago#8
Try to get regen for booster one and then get probably treasure hunter in booster 2, just to start working on some treasure sets to get you some guns. At 13 buy the extended mags for AK and use that.
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User Info: DethSnake

5 years ago#10
You're right, it's not a crap gun, it's just annoying as hell. It's not hard to use. Just make sure you keep combat to long ranges as often as possible and always use cover with it. That gun is so easy to pick off people from yards away while having nothing but your head showing it's ridiculous.
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