Is Lara Croft still the queen of gaming?

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User Info: Decadent One

Decadent One
4 years ago#11
Um, Samus Aran?
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User Info: VRX3000

4 years ago#12
Thank you Seriously. How did anyone forget Samus for a whole page? Or Ms Pacman? Or Chun Li?
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User Info: Phoenixmon2

4 years ago#13
I'm gonna post in this topic just to add my disbelief at people saying Bayonetta before Samus Aran

User Info: SiLVeR_420

4 years ago#14
Decadent One posted...
Um, Samus Aran?

Its either her or Lara. Very very tough to decide...
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User Info: tekn1ques

4 years ago#15
zenandi posted...

I would literally kill 10 men for one night with her in my bed with that outfit on..
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User Info: Nata5ha5

4 years ago#16
Lenneth Valkyrie

User Info: lunarsword

4 years ago#17
my gf
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User Info: KingBroly

4 years ago#18
There is no Queen at the moment. All of them have been murdered by their creators.
Your opinion is as valid as the next poster on this board

User Info: spongemonkey26

4 years ago#19
I thought Chun Li was and always has been queen of gaming?
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User Info: Valentino16

4 years ago#20
Not the Queen of Gaming, but guys... Jade from Beyond Good and Evil!
GT: TheMasterTee
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