Is Lara Croft still the queen of gaming?

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  3. Is Lara Croft still the queen of gaming?

User Info: augerrya3

4 years ago#51
Lightning feels to much like they tried to put her thru the formula to make her a popular I.p, so much that she just ended up a formulalic and bland personality, like a cloud ripoff

Samus was cool because her gender doesn't mater not to her and not to you. This is very cool particulaly because its "such a big deal" when a character is a strong female

Peach ... ... ... ... ... Go

Croft was. Good I.p but she really did fall out of the public eye for a long time
But now she's back and is a much stronger character

User Info: sparkymafia

4 years ago#52
Robot_Soopa posted...
It's always been Samus.

She's had the most consistent series with the highest number of titles with Other M people the only one people are conflicted about. Tomb Raider games were never that great.

Lara was also nothing more than a sexual object until this game. Samus is all about female empowerment.

sparkymafia posted...
Randoms do not have a clue who Samus is.

Everybody laugh with me!

You live in a vacuum....

User Info: atmdusty

4 years ago#53
I think all the other options for queen of Gaming have been suggested besides Barbie.
By your reasoning she is the clear winner and Queen as she has more games and merchandise.

I would say the queen of gaming is probably Cortana, Zelda, Chun-li, or Princess Peach. Those are easily the most recognizable women characters in gaming.

User Info: 1avidgamer

4 years ago#54
Can we just agree that Other M never happened?
"If the current population were zombies, they would all starve to death from lack of brains" - Me

User Info: Sonnenstark

4 years ago#55
Okay, if a female toon is just an unplayable support character, a sidekick, or can't carry a game franchise on their own, they're is no way they can be "queen of gaming" if they're in the shadow of someone else in their own series!!

Peach, Zelda, Cortana, and Jill Valentine are all overshadowed by the male protagonists in their own series. Calling them "queen" of anything is absurd.

Honestly, the only contender to Lara Croft is Samus Aran. They're the only two female protagonists that can carry their own franchise by themselves. I guess "Lightning" could count, but is anyone putting her forward? lol
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  3. Is Lara Croft still the queen of gaming?

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