This game blows Uncharted Away, so stop with the comparisons already.

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  3. This game blows Uncharted Away, so stop with the comparisons already.

User Info: mycelo

4 years ago#41
What is Uncharted?
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User Info: huerito323

4 years ago#42
Carpetfluff posted...
I'd put it on par with Uncharted 2 overall, but I think the combat is better in TR and the collapsing / running sections feel more natural too. It's absolutely better than Uncharted 3 by a desert mile.

Seems, judging by some topics I saw, the rabid PS3 fanbase seem to need this to not be as good as an Uncharted game just because it's multi-platform and that seems to threaten their exclusive series...or some nonsense. Meanwhile, us gamers probably play both series and enjoy them both.

Thats exactly whats going on here. Uncharted is a PlayStation exclusive, so they have to say it's a better game because if they say Tomb Raider is better, then Uncharted being Sony's best exclusive becomes irrelevant when there's a better game in that genre.

User Info: BingSanpao

4 years ago#43
Some textures are low res, colourless, some animations during action sequences are quite janky and out of place, it's quite rough around the edges in places, the AI is terrible and it's not anywhere near Uncharted 3 on a technical level, at least on consoles, obviously.

User Info: Virtue777

4 years ago#44
mycelo posted...
What is Uncharted?

Great series. The second one is widely regarded as the best in its genre. Very few games can match its critical and commercial success.
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User Info: motorheadache

4 years ago#45
maybe the cover system will grow on me but i feel you get more control out of a manual cover system, although admittedly it can sometimes feel liked your glued to the wall with a manual system

User Info: R2BDSi

4 years ago#46
they might be jelly that this version is getting DLC first.

User Info: majorm

4 years ago#47
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User Info: donttrysohard

4 years ago#48
I prefer Uncharted more but I beat them haven't beat TR yet

Funny that a lot of people don't even use examples of why one is better than the other. One guy did say that uncharted had more memorial over the top moments that were done better and this point in the game I agree.

I also like the variety of environments in uc 2 and 3

I get TR is on an island but so far I'd like to see some other environments than jungle (maybe that comes later)
GT: DontTrySoHard

User Info: majorm

4 years ago#49
symach posted...
Samman123 posted...
UC2 is better.

You are troll#1, I've seen you post this all over several threads on both boards tonight.

So anyone who disagrees with you is a troll?!! Or a fanboy.

Nothing. NOTHING will blow the Uncharted games away this gen. Not possible. And I do the vast majority of my gaming on Xbox so stop with the PS fanboy nonsense.

From the amazing graphics, gameplay and story to the best voice acting in a game, the Uncharted series is incredible. TR could only hope to match it.
Five million Cybermen, easy. One you're scared.

User Info: sticky_white100

4 years ago#50
Well Uncharted is better so...
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  3. This game blows Uncharted Away, so stop with the comparisons already.

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