Lara's undershirt...

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(message deleted)

User Info: bloodyautumn

4 years ago#22
Ya this girl certainly drinks her milk.
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User Info: SterlingFox

4 years ago#23
majorm posted...
I mean seriously. Could a girl with Lara's assets go through what she goes through in that game and not come out of a little shirt like that at least once?

i don't think you quite understand how tank tops work.
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#24
zenandi posted...
Hey, scars are sexy...

In some people's point of views, then yes, I agreed. They believed that it showed a battle scar and anything.
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User Info: BSOAHFF

4 years ago#25
Lara's breasts aren't as big as before (obviously) and seem pretty down-to-earth to me.

I think her bust size is another step Crystal Dynamics took to distance themselves from Old Lara. Trying to make her less a sex object and more a relatable, likable character.
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User Info: Zanaki

4 years ago#26
I didn't buy Tomb Raider to look at lara... and you're an idiot if you did.

Seriously, the internet has all the pronz on lara anyone could ever want.
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