this game is fun but I can't enjoy it

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  3. this game is fun but I can't enjoy it

User Info: Parasite1101

4 years ago#11
Out of curiosity, do you own alot of games that you have to play that you have no completed?

I started realising that my attention span had gone from games, I bought them, played them for a short while, put them down and then never went back to them, saw the next game which I though looked really cool, then played that put, that down, became a vicious cycle and got into a bad habit of doing this.

As silly as it sounds im trying to train my mind again into fully appreciating my old games again, trying to be really strict with myself saying right! Cant buy any new games until I beat this one, unless of course your truly not enjoying the games in which case you's just be torturing yourself which is just silly.

However as soon as I continued playing, ignoring the fact that I had so many other games that I wanted to play and just focused on playing, I broke the one hour mark in a single playthrough and I actually really did start to enjoy myself and became more addicted (if the game is truly good of course).

Its just difficult sometimes if the game drags on for say 10-20 hrs etc.

I find I really enjoy playing for an hour or so, then taking a break doing something else for awhile.

Sorry abit of a ramble there but hopefully you got the idea. :)

User Info: Flipsider99

4 years ago#12
TigerStealth posted...
play dark souls. seriously i felt the same way as you about every game i've played over the past few years then i got dark souls and it brought me back to the good ole days of gaming but still has good graphics, incredible sound, and tons of ingenuity. not to mention crisp and challenging gameplay

I agree with this advice. The main problem with games like Tomb Raider 13 for me is that they are boring because there is no challenge. Tomb Raider is so casualized and careful not to ever inconvenience the player (ironic in a game supposed to be about survival) that there's just nothing to engage the player. You're just kind of going through the motions of pressing forward, slaughtering anything that gets in your way without ever worrying about consequences or setbacks.

Play Dark Souls. It may frustrate you, but at least it won't bore you like most modern video games inevitably will.

User Info: foodeater4

4 years ago#13
Not everyone likes all styles of games TC. I've never been a big fan of openworld games. Most of the time they bore me. But some of the most praised games this gen are open world like Read Dead, GTA4, Skyrims, etc. I cant really get into those types of games.

But something like Tomb Raider or Mass Effect, I'll play a bunch of times.

User Info: MrDummy

4 years ago#14
Well to update this thread on my situation, ever since picking up syndicate I have my gaming addictivness back...

The sp in syndicate sucked me in and on hard its a decent challenge, I thought it would be only fun in coop, but to be honest, I've tried both and prefer solo sp game to the coop.

So basically I'm back guys!


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  3. this game is fun but I can't enjoy it

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