would i like this game?

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User Info: 365metal

4 years ago#1
i like games like assassins creed and i somewhat liked far cry 3, and i noticed that it is somewhat similar to far cry 3? do u think i would like this game?
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User Info: Cid_Lexington

4 years ago#2
Yes its a straight up mix of those two games. If you like the story of lost and those kind of game play you would dig this.
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User Info: BayouJoe

4 years ago#3
Anyone that doesn't thouroughly enjoy this game obviously doesn't like a good adventure with excellent graphics, it's well worth the play!
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User Info: tragik00

4 years ago#4
bought this game yesterday and im already addicted. i havent encountered any glitches yet and the scenery is amazing. lara is evolving and i really hope they make an even better sequel.
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  3. would i like this game?

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