post game bow parts

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User Info: TrueSephir0th

3 years ago#1
Beat the main story and just finished all the collectibles hoping i would come across the last bow part i need. Everything else is at %100 except this last freakin bow part...

Ive looked around and have only found that bow parts are somewhat random, from enemy drops and crates right?
Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I wanna move onto multiplayer already! Which im also looking to boost
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User Info: Enju

3 years ago#2
i have no idea i didn't know you could miss any of the weapon parts, i think i got at least one like shotgun part from killing and enemy somewhere during one of the fights so it could possibly be that you just need to kill some more enemies around the island (like in shanty town) before getting the bow part as basically an enemy drop... but really i thought all of the bow parts at least were obtained through the story

regarding the multiplayer it's really separate from the main story so any achievements / character progress / etc don't carry over to multiplayer and vice versa so getting to level 60 in multiplayer doesn't affect the single player at all
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