minesweeper challenge bugged..

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User Info: raffydturtle

4 years ago#1
i know where all the mines are.. and they're all gone, but it says that i only have 9/10

i've double/triple checked all mine locations, they're not there..

this is driving me crazy.. i need 100%

anyone else run into something similar?

User Info: sickbullet

4 years ago#2
I've tried for ever to do this challenge without looking at a guide I'm at 7/10 and I believe they're invisible just what the hell, I'll get around to it some time with a video guide I've done everything else I hope mine is not bugged also.
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User Info: raffydturtle

4 years ago#3
i actually used the video guide at IGN.. that's why i know all the spots are cleared..

the thing is, ive hit 2 or 3 as i was playing through the story, and i'm thinking 1 of them somehow did not register towards the challenge..

User Info: SpiralDrift

4 years ago#4
Was the guide specifically for the PC version? It's conceivable there could be minor differences between the different versions.
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User Info: Zem

4 years ago#5
At least one of the mines does NOT highlight in Survival Instinct mode because it's too far away from you and you can't get any closer to it. It's the one to the west of the shipwreck where you find the pulleys. You'll just have to look for it. If it's dark, it'll be difficult to see as well.
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  3. minesweeper challenge bugged..

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