Consequences (Mass Effect 1-3)

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User Info: El_Zohan

5 years ago#1
So do you guys think that the consequences from the previous two games will bear any real significance? After playing Mass Effect 2 multiple times it becomes pretty obvious that no within the game really cares weather Sheperd is a paragon or a renegade.

What I mean is that no one really reacts to what choices you make besides what they say afterwards. The narrative doesn't reflect the type Sheperd you've created apart from his appearance; if you use the med bay than that becomes null and your left with the paragon/ renegade bar. Most of your choices seem to be self contained within each mission and not really past that.

Bare in mind that we haven't experienced Mass Effect 3 so we don't know how far reaching choices like killing/sparring wrex or the rachni queen, loyalty mission results (particularly tali, legion, and mordin), who survived the suicide mission, and the collector base result will have any real lasting effects.

I really want these choices to have meaning and weight behind them not just just "you picked Choice A in that mission or game so in Mass Effect 3 you have to fight Enemy C instead of enemy Enemy D" and vice-versa. As for your Mass Effect 2 squad; since you can't have them with you except for certain missions, I hope it doesn't become a "guess who showed up" scenario or some kind footnote type of appearance.

I feel like I'm just ranting but dang it if I don't want my Mass Effect 3 experience to be unique and my own!! In the end I hope Bioware didn't cop out on the hard choices and making them wishy-washy-cliche video game stuff. What do you guys think?

User Info: OutPhase

5 years ago#2
There was a part of ME2 that made me think of the repercussions in ME3. You had to choose one of two settlements to save, but there was no consequence in ME2. I'm guessing it'll play at least a minor role in ME3.

User Info: XMonkeySniperX

5 years ago#3
I think about the only decision that would have any major effect from ME2 is the last decision you make (you know the one). Other than that, everything else seemed inconsequential. Well, maybe a few of the crew members' loyalty missions could have side effects (Tali and Mordin, for example).
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