Is the Black Widow any good?

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User Info: blitz_0623

5 years ago#1
So I've saved enough credits to get a Black Widow which costs a ton (at my current state in the game). I'm wondering if anyone has used it and likes/hates it or just meh.

I'm playing on Insanity, and it's been a pain killing targets with shields. Even if the shield has one bar, you won't damage the health, let alone kill the target with the next shot unless there's no shield. This works to the disadvantage of, say, the Mantis, which only has 1 shot and which I use as an Infiltrator.
I recently switched to the Viper and it's been great since it can still take down the shield with one headshot (sometimes Cloak required), then kill the target with the next (hate that slow mo after the first shot though).

Now I'm looking into purchasing the Black Widow. I'm wondering if this thing, upgraded to V (which is my current max for upgrades) can kill targets with shields in ONE headshot? Because if not, then it's the Mantis all over again for me. Any input is appreciated
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User Info: ThatOneGuySteve

5 years ago#2
Step 1) Save.
Step 2) Purchase Black Widow
Step 3) Visit firing range near Spectre offices
Step 4) Don't like black widow? Reload save.

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User Info: Sideways_X

5 years ago#3
Black widow is essentially a Mantis with 3 rounds per clip as opposed to 1.

User Info: LicentofLegend

5 years ago#4
If you have the Valiant use that instead of wasting the money. Black Widow is way heavier, but has less power and accuracy. I saved for a bit to get this just to realize it is not that great.

User Info: roots1078

5 years ago#5
If you are a soldier like I am, then it is a great gun, because you can take your 3 shots then activate Adrenalin Rush and get a free reload without having to unzoom; basically a 6 shot clip. Couple it with an extended barrel and clip and you can clear whole spawns of weaker enemies (cannibals, assault troopers, etc) and with disruptor ammo, take down a centurion in 2.
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User Info: lhenshaw123

5 years ago#6
I think it's awesome.

I'm playing an "insanity" game as an infiltrator and it almost makes the game too easy. I can cloak, then take out three weaker enemies with headshots, or 1 or 2 medium enemies, run back to cover, then repeat.

Plus, it gets better with upgrades. You can upgrade it in the shop to be lighter and carry WAY more ammo (like 40+ depending on how you have things set up with character ammo perks and mods).

It is very heavy, though, even after being fully upgraded, so it's not very good for classes who need to rely on powers (given that weight affects recharge rates). But pretty much all I use as an infiltrator is cloak anyway, so that doesn't really matter.

Plus, once you have it fully upgraded you really don't need many weapons. On most missions I just take the Black Widow and a pistol and I do fine. Only time I change it up is if there are alot of melee enemies (i.e. husks) in which case I'll sometimes take a shotgun instead of the pistol.

User Info: ShadowHalo17

5 years ago#7
I absolutely love the Black Widow. I'm also an Infiltrator on Insanity right now and I've been having a great time with it. I don't even bring any other guns with me. I have Energy Drain as my bonus power though, which is extremely useful. Cloak, use Energy Drain on a shielded enemy to get them down to health, then headshot. Quick and highly effective.
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User Info: Fourth_Bonkura

5 years ago#8
I'm playing as a soldier on insanity and got the Black Widow - I was a little disappointed at first. At first.

Then I took a centurion down in three shots in the fraction of the time it would have taken to do it with the mantis. And not good shots either, I think I shot him in the shin.

With the extra ammo and the disruptor ammo bonus I've got about 50 rounds for it.

Once you get used to the recoil and stop trying to reload after every shot you'll be tearing through the enemies.

It is quite heavy though.
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User Info: JayArr4

5 years ago#9
The recoil will turn you off at first. Once you get a feel for that and upgrade it, the gun is just a straight beast.

User Info: ShadowHalo17

5 years ago#10
Recoil means nothing if you learn how to use the scope correctly. After taking your first shot, let go of L1 and then quickly hit it again. That nullifies the recoil problems.
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