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User Info: todd_360

5 years ago#11
He says 8-11 months when he joins you. People seem to forget time still goes on while you're playing through the story. So add on another month or so possibly between him joining you and blowing up the Collector Base. Arrival I think is set at least a couple of months after that if memory serves (Could be wrong there). Not to mention how long he lasts throughout ME3 before he dies. It was also probably kinda made worse cos of the stabbing. So its a perfectly valid reason not to have him join you.
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User Info: SamA7X

5 years ago#12
Shows how selfless Thane was, he spent his last moments praying for Shepard instead of himself.
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User Info: climhazzard99

5 years ago#13
i cried at that scene :(
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User Info: Herugrim

5 years ago#14
ShadalooBison posted...
His death from his illness is a last minute asspull because they couldn't find a more original reason for him to not join you.

Diseases do not always act exactly as predicted. Huntington's is a genetic disease that may kill you with seizures in your teens or it may starve you to death in your fifties.

Obviously his condition deteriorated considerably, since even a donation wouldn't be enough to save him.

I think Bioware always handles their characters very well. Thane just struck me as the one who seemed perfect. His life was ended early, but it was complete.
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User Info: Sandman100887

5 years ago#15
Mass Effect chronology aside, I'm almost positive that Thane mentions in your first conversation with him (in ME3) that doctors gave him 6 months to live (when, I don't know) and that was 8 months ago. So yea, apparently, at some point, Thane was given a death sentence that he outlasted. Add to that, he was stabbed, and although he says it's not lethal, his declining health assured he would die. So his death wasn't pulled out of nowhere.

I agree that Thane's character was handled excellently in this game. And that scene in the hospital with his son brought a tear to my eye. I think it was the line where Shepard asked why Thane was still asking for protection when he already achieved peace that got to me. When his son tells you the prayer wasn't for Thane, but for Shepard, and that Thane asked his son to do that as a final request, I had one of those, "You bastard" *tear* moments.
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User Info: SurviveRatstar

5 years ago#16
It was sad but I was disappointed and very frustrated by it. The introduction of Kai Leng was stupid as hell. It was good to have Thane give one last show of what he could do but the ninja was just ****ing pathetic, MGS4 was a huge disappointment so it just made ME3 feel the same way.

And Thane was one of my favourite characters, so it was disappointing there was very little conversation with him, and Shepard didn't show any emotion (even without the romance there should've been more).

That said the prayers aspect was very good.
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