Choosing between War Assets, which gives more?

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User Info: Strykerr85

5 years ago#1
(Possible Spoiler Alert)
I'm at the point in the storyline where you hold a meeting between diplomats of the Krogran's (Wrex in my case), some Salarian leader with an attitude (who's name I can't remember off the top of my head), and a Batarian leader.

I tend to take the side of the Krogan / Batarian with their argument to cure the Genophage in that conversation, but before I continue on with this mission on Sur`Kesh, I would like to know which route would allow for more War Assets in the end... To cure the Genophage or sabotage it?

I remember hearing something like if you cure the Genophage you gain the Krogan's support, but loose the Salarian's best fleets. If you sabotage the Cure, then Wrex eventually finds out, you end up killing him, and you lose all the support of the Krogans who basically just go back to their planet and fend for themselves while the galaxy goes up in flames.

Does anyone know which option yields the most War Assets? Personally, I'd like to Cure the Genophage... so hopefully that route is better for achieving the "good" ending.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: BuckyFellini

5 years ago#2

I haven't finished the game but I am close.


Curing the genophage is without a doubt the paragon choice here. I guess you haven't done the Tuchanka mission yet so I won't give you spoilers but I will say that if you DO cure it, you will still get the support of the Salarian STG (Mordin's old spec ops group) because they don't agree with the albatross (and obviously you get full support of the krogans). If you do not cure it, Wrex will find out eventually anyway and you'll lose some krogan support.


The wiki has more info on the outcomes (spoilers on the mission will be present):


But here's something worth noting (from wiki):


"Given that the Salarian First Fleet's military strength is 150 points while the total combined military strength of Clan Urdnot and Wrex is 325 points, a Renegade-minded player should be aware that not curing the genophage will actually weaken your force."





User Info: ninja_panda

5 years ago#3
who would ever choose salarians over krogans

User Info: llaW_Enots

5 years ago#4
Only wimps wouldn't choose Krogan. You've in a war, not having a party.

User Info: ninja_panda

5 years ago#5
Geth and Quarian is a slightly harder choice; if you don't want to get both
more ground troops or a fleet?

User Info: ingomuller

5 years ago#6
Strykerr85 posted...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

actually, you CAN get Both.

User Info: IslandHopper38

5 years ago#7
Yes you can have both but....


If you accept the dalatrass' offer to sabotage the cure, Wrex will find out and you will have to kill him on the Citadel AND you lose the Krogan support... I think you can only have both if Wreav is ruling because he's oblivious to the fact the cure was sabotaged.
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User Info: xvynx

5 years ago#8
llaW_Enots posted...
Only wimps wouldn't choose Krogan. You've in a war, not having a party.

According to multiplayer, salarians are the best soldiers , i chose krogan neway cuz they are metal

User Info: Ninkyo893

5 years ago#9
Man, it's hard reading these posts with questions regarding the war assets knowing what the end of the game is like. Don't want to spoil anything, but you guys will most likely be a bit frustrated.
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