mass effect 2 saves

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User Info: vegetajefferson

5 years ago#1
plz if any1 has mass effect 2 save 4 ps3 that they can upload here 4 ppl 2 dwnloadin it will b very thankful

User Info: climhazzard99

5 years ago#2
apparently creating a new topic is easier than doing a search :S
ME2's save is tied to profile and system. So no free mE2 choices for you. Go play the game. its worth it.
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User Info: jazzdoc

5 years ago#3
Could be they did play it but on a different platform. Same problem here. Have MS1 and 2 on PC but bought it for PS3 this time because I have friends who play the multi-player and they convinced me to get it to play with them. Now I'm stuck with an incomplete experience because you can't download a save through cloud like I had heard you would be able to. =/
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