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User Info: reww

3 years ago#1
Going to go through the game on an insanity run so figured I'd run with Sent even though I'm tempted to import my infiltrator from ME3. Anyway just looking for a good setup. I picked flare for my bonus power just because it seems awesome. I'll probably always have at least a adept or engineer on my team at any given time so. Just wondering what peoples thoughts were. Thanks
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User Info: ArmaLeyvaten

3 years ago#2
I hear a popular choice is to choose Barrier as your Bonus Power. After maxing out Tech Armor, Barrier, and Fitness, you become virtually unkillable as you resist 90% of all damage taken.

User Info: RudolphXMcGree

3 years ago#3
I can't see the point tanking in the single player. Shepard is mobile and, after the first quarter of the game, can take loads of hits even on insanity. Go all out for damage output.

I recently did an insanity run with a biotic sentinel.

Max out warp and throw first. Then passive (get reputation points first to give you choices you want, then go for damage buff). I haven't used flare as have not played omega yet. But go with that or another biotic power like reave or dark channel for extra explosions.

After that buff your armour and fitness and overload.

Save lift grenade and cryo for last.

Take your AR of choice and always take someone with a squad ammo power in your team. Then take Liara, Javik or Kaiden to prime even more explosions.
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