Dragonborn and the amulet of kings

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User Info: sandman767

6 years ago#1
Anyone think it's possible that the main character of this game, will indeed end up becoming the next emperor, being as he is the last dragonborn. If I remember correctly that was the requirement to wear the amulet.
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User Info: kevindrosario2

6 years ago#2
If I remember correctly that was the requirement to wear the amulet.

Tell that to Mankar Camoran. I think he forgot.
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User Info: gungunn101

6 years ago#3
Camoran was an exception, and no one really knows why.
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User Info: Violent_Seafood

6 years ago#4

It's possible that Camoran was also Dragonborn.

User Info: rollingrandy

6 years ago#5
Didn't the amulet break at the end of the main quest line?
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User Info: Beidha

6 years ago#6
Yeah, the Septims weren't the only dragonborns. Just the most famous.
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User Info: Lyricalias

6 years ago#7
A Wizard Wore It.
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User Info: BeaverFever502

6 years ago#8
I actually logged on to make this same topic. I had been thinking the other day: "the septims where dragonborn, they are dead & therefor there's no emperor and the empire is in shambles. That's why there is civil war in skyrim. So you (a dragonborn) come along rise to power, save the world from the dragons, and are appointed as the emperor." it makes perfect sence!!
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User Info: valium88

6 years ago#9

I've been hoping for the same thing, would be awesome to become the emperor.

User Info: ronnet

6 years ago#10

Dragonborns are just selected individuals who can inspire men and lead them to great things. Tiber Septim used this gift to unite the Nords and then conquer Cyrodiil, start the IMperial civilization and then conquer the rest of Tamriel.

But that has been done before, I think Bethesda likes the fact that each province is now seperate and has their own kind of rule. The Empire was great to mingle the races so that we know have all 10 races in each of the provinces. But now it isnt necesarry for that.

So I think the new Dragonborn is just there to unite the Nords. As we know there is a conflict between the current Nord king and a group pf seperatists. They are fighting among themselves while there is a greater threat of Dragons. So the dragonborn has to unite the clans and then form an army to right the dragons.

Once he is done then I seriously doubt he'll become emperor of Skyrim let alone Tamriel. It wouldnt make sense to have someone who can be 10 different races and 2 different genders be the new emperror. We'll just be the hero who united Skyrim and defeated Alduin.

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