Flaming arrows?

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User Info: slothmaster

6 years ago#1
Did anyone else notice the archer with the flaming arrows in the background of the art of skyrim video from gi? I know it's just concept art, but now that I've seen it I seriously want them in this game.

User Info: earofbone

6 years ago#2
it would be cool if you had a flaming arrow type, then if you shot them thru flame they would ignite, but im not getting my hopes up.
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User Info: Iam_TylerDurden

6 years ago#3

That doesn't sound that far fetched. You already have the different arrow types, just make a flaming arrow type. I'm sure they could pull it off in game.

User Info: johnboythe4th

6 years ago#4
A flaming arrow wouldn't be that effective though. If you were firing it at an explosive, or someone who just had a swim in some petrol I could understand it, but on someone normal, if the arrow was to bury itself in the person the fire would just go out, it's only effective slightly burning the enemy for about a second.
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User Info: ShinoGenjutsu

6 years ago#5
If anything wouldn't it coderize the entry wound and be even less effective as a weapon?

Then again, I could care less because this is the Elder Scrolls and they could be fun
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User Info: The_Mega_Muffin

6 years ago#6
Maybe we'll get some visual enchants, like a flaming sword or arrows for fire enchants
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User Info: eugene1222

6 years ago#7
there was this spell in the trailer where he left a ball of fire in the middle of the room. it would be awesome if you left it there, shot an arrow through it and it turned into a flaming arrow.
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User Info: mega478

6 years ago#8

From: Iam_TylerDurden | #003
That doesn't sound that far fetched.

Don't you mean....far-fletched?

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User Info: GrimHero

6 years ago#9
They should have an oil arrow, then when you hit a target with it you can use fir magic and set them on fire.
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User Info: HatchetHound

6 years ago#10
I kind of want them to take out enchanted arrows and let you use magic while using a bow. And by use I mean imbuing the arrow with whatever spell is in your hand, with proper visual effects.
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