Total Number of Quest?

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User Info: maximo

6 years ago#1

Does anyone know or at least have an idea?



User Info: Manlymike17

6 years ago#2
Technically speaking, the number of quests is continuous due to radiant story triggering random quests. Not sure on a number of major non-random quests though.

User Info: rivve_

6 years ago#3
maximo posted...
Does anyone know or at least have an idea?thanks

Well, that one guy who made a thread after finishing the game said he'd done 130 quests in 70 hours. He also guesstimated to only have experienced 50% of the game, though that's most likely just wishful thinking.
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User Info: Vithar

6 years ago#4
From the bethblog Game guide page: maybe can help shed some light

Quests: A great swathe of this guide (just under 300 pages) is dedicated to helping you through every single quest that’s available. Due to the radiant quest structure and general derangement of the game’s developers, this numbers into the hundreds (there’s at least 500 variations of quest to try, and around seven times the number of quest-based activities compared to Fallout 3). Keeping track of these, finding them all, taking screenshots, adding little spoiler flags to quests with particularly spectacular revelations… well, this took around three and a half months alone.

The results are worth it; every type of quest is covered, and begins with a list of every important character you can interact with. For example, all of the thieves of the Thieves Guild are shown, along with a biography and any general help they give you. The main locations in Skyrim (such as the base of a particular faction) related to the group of quests are shown, along with every possible quest you can complete, in table format, with a pleasant little check box so you can mark off any quest you’ve completed. In fact, check boxes are attached to every table in the guide, so you can easily keep track of weapons, quests, and anything else you wish.

The hundreds of quests are broken down by type (the Main Quest, Civil War Quests,or those taking place in specific Dungeons) and Faction (the College of Winterhold, Dark Brotherhood, or more minor factions such as the Bards College in Solitude). The Quest chapters culminate in the dizzying number of iscellaneous Objectives, Favors, and World Encounters you can have. In short; if it’s in your Quest menu, it’s in this chapter.

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