How to surrender to guards ?

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  3. How to surrender to guards ?

User Info: MF_Gambit

5 years ago#1
They just keep killing me lol
Ima call them April Babies because they fools

User Info: Kyerofox

5 years ago#2
there's supose to be a way to do it, like block or .. something...

or I guess just don't piss them off? XP
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User Info: Lugoves

5 years ago#3
Try hitting X to sheathe your weapons?
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User Info: Ploxyz8012

5 years ago#5
Sheath your weapon and crouch. If your bounty is too high they won't care and they'll just kill you though.
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User Info: Fad00

5 years ago#6
Sheathe your weapon.

But sometimes they just get pissed and want to kill you.

User Info: otakon2006

5 years ago#7
IIRC, you sheath your weapon and try to interact with them. Or is that just if you attack someone accidentally? Anyway, when you say to guards you'd rather die, they take that as a promise. You just gotta run or fight, it's that simple.
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  3. How to surrender to guards ?

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