Stony Creek Cave

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User Info: SlimeSerf

5 years ago#1
Anyone been there? It's southeast of windhelm, hugging the mountains.

It's got a Barenziah gem and bandits, fun times.

Anyway the reason I made this topic is in the northeastern part of the cave there's a chamber with a waterfall coming out of an opening too high to jump to. The thing is the local map seems to indicate there's an actual room in the waterfall opening. It even shows the edge of a square room to the east of it but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get there. I've jumped furiously, searched for a hidden lever or something but with no luck. The cave is officially cleared of enemies but this is bothering me.

Anyone able to find their way up inside the waterfall opening?
-Sword Dunmer

User Info: SlimeSerf

5 years ago#2
-Sword Dunmer

User Info: Rogue_Leader_X

5 years ago#3
I've been trying to figure this part out myself.

User Info: QB_gullygamer

5 years ago#4
Yea that is where you SPOILERZ

kill the old ship crew for the captain. But in the room with the Argonian spellsword, there is a chest with quest loot called "finns treasure". Apparantly, another quest will also take you there, so I left reaching that waterfall ledge for later.
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User Info: exiled7650

5 years ago#5
Actually i just found this area today...i was also wondering if u could get up there and it turns out you can. To the left of the opening you are talking about there are some poorly designed unfinished rocks. You can use those to jump up to that opening which is actually pretty useful. Turns out its the end of some other dungeon and there is a chest right there for you full of nice weapons. I found out the hard way that i was going through that dungeon the wrong way when enemies started spawning behind me. The creatures in the cave are Falmer which i didn't think were to strong till one killed me in some super hit so yea be careful .

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